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  1. Malaysain Gp Race Thread

    FIA have no common sense. why dont make the race starts at 4:00 pm instead at 5:00 pm; at 4:00 pm you have plenty of time to restart if there is any storm and in Europe the race'd started at 10:00 am what is also a reasonable time to wake up on Sunday...
  2. Melbourne Gp. Practice, Quali

    i cant believe some people here, so modest teams have no right to develope the best car, even without violating the rules. if mac laren or ferrari are not in the first row you call it "artificial" starting grid your state of mind is very sad.
  3. Melbourne Gp. Practice, Quali

    people, here you have this table about car weights related to speed. Data are for i took 0,25 secons each 10 kg. right? Parrilla de salida del Gran Premio de Australia 2009 Parrilla de salida del Gran Premio de Australia 2009 pos,driver, team, weight, lap time, lap time(2), real gap 1 Jenson BUTTON.. Brawn GP.. 664,500 86,202 85,840 0,000 2 R.BARRICHELLO. Brawn GP.. 666,500 86,505 86,093 0,253 3 S.VETTEL........... Red bull... 657,000 86,830 86,655 0,816 5 Nico Rosberg...... Williams... 657,000 86,973 86,798 0,959 4 Robert KUBICA... BMW........ 650,000 86,914 86,914 1,075 6 Felipe Massa...... Ferrari...... 654,000 87,033 86,933 1,094 8 Mark Webber...... Red Bull... 662,000 87,246 86,946 1,107 7 Kimi Raikkonen.. Ferrari..... 655,500 87,163 87,026 1,186 BRAWN GP pace is even more astonishing. i was so wrong when i though they were bluffing...
  4. Brawn Gp

    i hope you are right and they are going to be in the front row in australia
  5. Brawn Gp

    hello, i think Brawn cars are running without ballast I think that the design of the car is the key, if the car is designed to carry a kers and they dont have any, then that space must be filled with ballast and a kers is about 25-40 kg weight. isnt it? thats mean the car in race condition may be up to a second slower
  6. Belgium Gp - Spa-francorchamps

    very sad what happened yesterday . the best race of the year spoiled by the 'stewarts' and with NO REASON. those a##holes will end up destroying f1 you can be sure.
  7. 2010 Drivers (maybe2009)

    just remember it: ferrari: kubica, massa mclaren: hamilton kovalainen bmw:alonso , vettel renault: nobody cares
  8. La Qualy Del Gp De Espa

    uhmmm...i find englishmen are very quiet in this forum today....
  9. Aussie F1gp Up The (eastern) Creek?

    but it is not the same driving in your car that a 200 mph with a cloud of water spreaded by the car ahead and with the rain drops falling in your helmet. and all these water reflecting the multiple artificial lights.
  10. Aussie F1gp Up The (eastern) Creek?

    i do not know the reason to run a night race. it is easier just to run at ten am in australia, so in europe it will be 00:00 andin england sat 23:00 pm ,being afternoon in america, very reasonable hour everywhere in the world. I think night races sucks. what about it is rainng in the night?
  11. Final Test Of 2007

    i ve been to jerez and i could realize that the rear part of the cars swing a lot at the exit of the curves and that hamlton's and d.couthard's driven styles were the most agressive of then all or at least the day i went there it was like this. i think next year we're going to have more exciting races than in 2007. i hope nobody gets seriously hurt or something like this so this progressive return to genuine racing dont get stopped
  12. there are yet more than 15,000 signatures for delarosa to become mclaren race driver ya van mas de 15,000 firmas en la pagina web para q de la rosa sea piloto de carreras de mclaren animarse y votad!:
  13. Button's Comments On Lewis

    how envoius is this guy!
  14. Devoted To The Spanish Siuporters

    next wednesday im going to the practiques at jerez, willing to see these guys driving without TC after 5 years, even i dont think it make a great diference at the firt sight do it?