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  1. Testing Starts!!!

    everyone wants to play the cards close to their chest. there is a reason why the force indias, saubers and torro rossos are topping the chart, cause they are going as fast as they can. Redbull and Mclaren are holding back a second or more from their ultimate pace and focusing heavy loads and long distance pace. Ferrari and Mercedes don't seemed to have caught the big two, and are likely to fight for 3rd position with Lotus looking to spoil their party.
  2. Testing Starts!!!

    Its a bummer not to see Lotus at Barcelona, I will getting my hopes up for a Kimi white wash of the season in that sweet black and gold machine
  3. Testing Starts!!!

    Hi! Coming here after a long time. Good to see the usual names from before... Go Kimi!
  4. Hermann Tilke, Dear Lord Not Again...

    You can't design tracks like Spa or Monaco or Nurburgring. They just happen! Geography, the best available circumstances, made those classics. As for Herman Tilke and his designs, I think he is being chosen not so much because he can draw black squiggles on the ground, but because Tilke represents a complete architectural and construction firm that handle every aspect of the design, from paddocks, safety areas, toilets, parking, pits and fences and barriers and also that black tarmac that races are run on. Anyone can draw a great circuit on paper, what makes Tilke popular with Bernie is that his company is known to deliver great construction and design on time around the world. You get the experience and the resource of a construction firm more than a just track designer... my 2 cents
  5. Poor Nico

    Poor Nico, not only does he have to race his team mate, he has to deal with Ross Brawn colluding with Schumey to optimize the strategy to benefit the Chin! Proof for this was obvious in todays Monaco race. When the first stops happened from the top of the field, Rosberg was right behind Schumey. Schumacher pitted, so did everyone in front of him up till Vettel. Rosberg stayed and set some blistering fastest laps. Then Webber pitted and came right in front of Rosberg, thus slowing him down. If Mercedes has Rosberg's strategy right, they would have pitted him immediately to jump him past Schumacher. Instead, Rosberg was behind Webber slowing him down relative to Schumacher and then he pitted to rejoin just behind Schumacher. Poor Rosberg, he is clearly faster than the Chin, but will never be allowed to race to his potential!
  6. If You Were Ross Brawn What Would You Do?

    I think Schumacher is doing a good job. As he said, he feels like he is rookie after being away for a 3 years. And as a rookie, he is doing pretty fine. He is clearly not comfortable with the car, sort of like 2005 when the Ferrari was a dog. I think he is doing as good a job that can be done, for someone of his age, and someone who has been away for 3 years. It is quite normal in my opinion. Give it till the middle of the season, and he will be very competitive compared to Nico
  7. The Official Chinese Grand Prix

    there is a chinese feed on sopcast
  8. Winter Testing 2010 Season

    Sign of the times perhaps? The best way to win World Championship is to dump the constructor and endure a winter of uncertainty. That's the latest in double diffuser technology!
  9. 2010 Candian Grand Prix

    No replies? Come on guys! No one as anything to share?
  10. 2010 Candian Grand Prix

    Hi ALL, I am planning to go to the 2010 Canadian GP. For those who have visited the circuit, could you please share some information on what to do and where to go? Specifically the following 1) Which is the best grandstand? 2) Is General Admission ticket any good? 3) where to stay? 4) How to get the circuit? (public transport, rental car, parking) 5) Fan After parties on Friday, Sat, Sun If you are going as well, lets meet up! Peace STK
  11. Kimi is never coming back. He will happily race in WRC, then move onto something else. It would nice to see him try the Peugeot 908 at Le Mans this year. Loeb is already confirmed as one of the drivers. It could be possible with the Citroen-Peugeot Connection!
  12. Teams & Drivers 2010

    I am remember that win too! This was the time I actually followed the Indy Series all the way from India! I was disappointed JV missed the win the previous year, but his victory in '95 and the pole in Australia on debut made him an instant favourite! I would love to see some oldie champions go head to head against the teens of formula 1!
  13. Teams & Drivers 2010

    Looks like JV is headed to Lotus! And if Schumi makes it back to Merdedes, we will have the sparks flying in F1. We need some inter personal driver drama in the soap opera we call Formula 1. Especially since Schumacher made some funny remarks about JV's musical career, something to effect "If his singing is like his driving...." :-P Oooh! I am excited about this possibility of seeing these former WDC go head to head (albeit in unequal machinery). It might make me get over the loss of Kimi for 2010! One fav out, another back in! (not schumacher) from " Yet Villeneuve, 38, who has also been linked with the new US F1 team, is leaving nothing to chance. In case an offer does come his way, he has submitted himself to a gruelling fitness regime with his former trainer Dr Erwin Gollner, an Austria-based motorsport specialist whose clientele has also included Damon Hill and Nico Rosberg. Villeneuve described Gollner's brand of intensive strength and resistance training as "really, really brutal". He went on: "After warming up, the programme lasts 100 minutes and the longest pause is five seconds. Fortunately, Erwin hasn't sent me training in the sauna yet." That will come. It just proves how serious Villeneuve is about competing again. He said: "Do you think I would come to suffer, in a retreat, leaving my two sons far away, if I didn't believe things are moving along well?" Acclaimed designer Mike Gascoyne, currently hard at work on the new Lotus car, has been in on the talks with Villeneuve. "It's nice that we're getting interest from experienced people," he said. "We've got a great heritage that we've got to live up to."
  14. Schumacher At Mercedes?

    [quote name='Schumikonen' date='20 November 2009 - 12:25 PM' timestamp='1258745116' post='304083'] that's not fear I wanted to do that. Anyway Kimi is awesome and Button...well let's see next year, if he doesn't beat LH I will say he suck but si far I can say that but I can't say he is awesome eather but LH is awesome and if he beats him them he must be an awesome driver too. [/quote] Now I really want Kimi to be in a car in 2010 I hate button, he lucked out! which, proves, if you stick in a crappy team long enough without being thrown out because of a lack of talent, you will be handed a car so amazing that it will take a talent like button to almost lose the championship in the second half...and yet be a world champion... oh I digress. I think Schumacher has been slowly cutting ties with the F1 operations at Ferrari after Todt left. He didn't renew is contract to be a consultant at the Scuderia next year. SO he is only connected to the road car operations, which won't be hard to do....
  15. Schumacher At Mercedes?

    How long before this thread turns into Kimi is awesome! Button sucks thread? Though I no longer have any allegiance to the former sensation known as Schumacher Elder, I am very much looking forward to the seeing him in a competitive car. With F1 being over run by teeny bop Twi-hearts, it would be interesting if Schumacher can do a Mansell or a Prost, that is, win races with dyed gray hair!