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  1. 2018 Ferrari SF71H

    Going to be a great year!!
  2. Should Force India Hire Adrian Sutil Again?

    Agreed! Unfortunately, I think Force India has much bigger issues than the driver line up for next season. I believe major damage control needs to be undertaken before sponsorship decides to distance itself from the team. They may be waiting for the dust to settle before deciding on a team-mate. Who knows, they may have to aquire a pay-driver before all is said and done. Hopefully not.
  3. Should Force India Hire Adrian Sutil Again?

    I'd like to see Newey with any other team, just to get some sense of the strength of "The Newey Factor" ...And I would like to see Sutil back one more time. Not enough drama in F1 now. (Rolling my eyes)
  4. Mexico Race Thread

    Not too early, I have him picked
  5. Can Schumacher Beat Nico?

    In the past, I could never see myself cheering for MS due to his seemingly total disrespect for other drivers but I now, I too find myself actually wanting him to win. Maybe its because his driving style has toned down to due to his age or, more likey, its because he and I are aging and I find myself routing for "the older guy".
  6. Jv To The Kimi. Oh Yeah!

    Once again, MS fans use a forum to tout about his past and his inevitable soon to be announced (in their minds) "saint-hood" Yes ... Michael's records, wins, "past" skills, and history speaks for itself.... but that does not mean JV was not a great driver at the time he won his WDC. In fact, I think the way JV raced against Michael (and did not back down)speaks volumes about his skills. Not too many drivers, past or present, would go head to head with a "superior" driver such as MS. I've been a true F1 fan since the late 70's, have seen many great pilots come and go. Yet I find it very sad to see this "Mikey generation" of racing fans with such a narrow point of view.... but then again....Maybe I got them all wrong! Seems to me, everytime Jacques is mentioned ... they all rise up to shoot down his fans and his accomplishments. I guess by their posts they actually are agreeing with the rest of us.... they actually do respect what Jacques did and think the kid from Quebec did a great job. He earned my respect, and I guess the respect of them as well.
  7. Jv To The Kimi. Oh Yeah!

    You could have won me over until... So much for "reasonable bounds"
  8. Jv To The Kimi. Oh Yeah!

    I admire the conviction you use to voice your opinions and how you explain with facts as to how you form them. I don't "always" agree with you but your posts do always take the high road. Well said Mike .... and I do agree with you on this one!
  9. Jv To The Kimi. Oh Yeah!

    I, for one, would like to see him back. In 2006.... especially if one considers the fact that Nick hadn't had any time away from F1 and JV did, I didn't think "Quick Nick" was having a better season than Jacques.
  10. Today In F1

    We do????????
  11. The Schumacher Thread

    If we only had JV (could happen)and JPM (unfortunatly won't happen) back too... Still, gonna be a fun season to watch!
  12. Gimme Yer Best

    I am certainly not a fan, I don't agree with some the "stunts" he pulled, however, credit would have to be given... any valid list would have to include M.S. Also, my favorite .... GILLES... has to be there somewhere.
  13. Mrs Vs ??????