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  1. Ferrari Engine Commemoration Thread....

    Yes pigs also fly. Lets see how u talk when nando cross the blue fence to the silver side of the fence. I bet yall be b!tching and crying like alonso does. Schumi hasn't cried to the media. And when he wins he don't do the stupid figurines FA does what was last time the crane stance? . Well enjoy now because he will be forgone to the ether from next year and on. We the so called "haters" will be making many commemoration threads of engines.
  2. Ferrari Engine Commemoration Thread....

    This is how reno fans are hide behind when Crylonso lose and b!tch when things are going well. Nando has won like last year due to rivals failure. He has yet to show his worthiness of a true WDC. Reno fans start stocking on Kleenex because next year there will be plenty of crying. Ron Dennis will kick Nando out of macca due to excessive B!tching.
  3. Suzuka Weather Prediction

    When someone is blinded by the best driving in F1 history he won't see any facts and his hate will overpower his rational reasoning.
  4. Alonso: Is Nothing Good Enough For Him?

    Alonso was too harsh on his tires and the 20 sec lead didn't do him any good. He had Fisi behind him and didn't need to push that hard to get a big gap. Yet he still manage to lose all the advantage he had. If Alonso had been saving tires he would have won square and fair but that was not the case. Is not the first time Fisi had to save Nando another race Alonso went out an excursion to the dirt and hadn't had Fisi behind him he would not score on that race. This has to do with driving skills and the boy still needs some lessons from MS he mite be now the one having the best raw speed but Schumi can still teach him few tricks.
  5. Will He Ever Stop Blaming Somebody Else

    PEOPLE this is not fake its been all over the spanish media so it can't be fake it might taken out of context, but the boy sure is frustrated being his 25 point lead wiped out by schuey got to hurt specially with the new point system. I bet he is preparing for his defeat that way if he loses then he can blame everybody else and santa claus. If FA wins he will say i've beat all the odds and end up winning the WDC like David against Goliath and be a national hero in Spain. So no matter what is the outcome of this championship FA has his butt pretty covered. This is always good for adding emotion to the WDC. But it gets tiring all the trash talking has been done by reno, it might because they are french team who knows. Now FA is very good but he still has to show that he is worth to be MS's successor. Saying all this crap to the media ain't helping much. And pat symonds has a big a mouth!! "poor old michael"
  6. Hamilton Finally In F1

    I don't mean to hijack your thread but what would be your comparison between Kubika and Hamilton. Would you think that Kubika has the same potential on being a WDC or he is also over hyped and just had a good day at Monza.
  7. A Gift To You All From Fed Up

    you should also post monza but make sure u show how the engine blew =)
  8. Alonso Hits Below The Belt.

    I'd say Nando will have to eat his word in a near future, because his chance on winning again the WDC are very slim, but who knows may be he is right. I bet after JV, Nando has the biggest mouth in the grid. Now JV is gone for good. Hopefully Nando becomes a no one with Mclaren and drop him for Hamilton or Paffet. I'll be getting a good laugh.
  9. Michelin Point The Finger At Bridgestone

    that doesn't look like a chemical suit to me.
  10. Alonso Hits Below The Belt.

    FA will just cry and cry, the spanish media isn't helping either as they are in a crusade against MS. They are quoting from FA what they want to hear. Nando should just shut up and speak at the end of the season. He may win, but if he loses his crown to MS which is very likely to happen then he already dug a big hole for himself and people will be quoting him now since all he is been saying is fresh to the media.
  11. Kubica - Will He Earn His First Points At Monza?

    Oh ic well if you say so, I bet JV would have done it better. Kubika made podium JV 12 Races 7 miserable points Kubica 3 races 6 points. JV another worthless driver that was there for teh paycheck. Good thing he is gone for good. Now who remember JV?
  12. JV Talking Too Much And Trying To Show Off

    Tthis guy apart from being a loser for almost a decade he is trying to teach on how to be a better human being to others, while at the same time he believes he is the best and that BMW needs him. From his tone Kubika is just a worthless rookie. He is in no position to discredit any driver. JV go join your friend JPM at the nascar. JV = MS wannabee
  13. Alonso's Driving

    If you had so much credibility you should write your own journals for a F1 magazine. Bah'
  14. Alonso's Driving

    I've followed JV's carrier since the beginning, All the work you claim that he has done to BAR or Sauber hasn't done any good so far. Why is that during his first years he was so good at Williams given that he had the best car but couldn't do much later on at BAR or Sauber. He didn't give any feedback to Williams yet he still surprised his rookie year and win the WDC a year after. That gives you an idea of his feedback on the car don't do much good. All JV has done in his F1 career is sit in a winning car and take the championship with some fighting against MS. But MS took a mid grid team as Ferrari to their success that is something different. I'm just saying that JV is not competitive in a mid grid car and hasn't prove he is worthiness during later on his career. I'm not a JV hater, but i think people praised him too high. Sure he is a driver above the average F1 grid, but has gone downhill, he did nothing at Renault which was a car much better than BAR, he keeps rear ending other drivers for no reason. JV vanished into the ether after 97 and hasn't changed 9 yrs later. He will never be in the same league as Hill, Hakkinen, Alonso. Only JV has is a big mouth, he says no one will remember MS but he doesn't even remember his own father Gilles, which wasn't such a bad driver. He is there to teach lessons on how to be a good human being but he sure isn't one because he can't remember his own father. All this facts makes him a driver to be forgotten in the F1 history.
  15. Alonso's Driving

    JV is just your average driver, he won his WDC because his car was so much better and he had a lousy team mate at that time. If Hill were there he wouldn't be the WDC of 97. And if he worth anything more than your average driver he would do much better at BMW, BAR...
  16. Villeneuve Slams Schumacher Over 'Lies'

    Who is going to remember JV? he is not going to be next season. After 97 he just dug a hole for himself deeper and deeper. What a disgrace for a WDC to be replaced by a 21 yr old rookie. Good Bye Kansas JV!!
  17. Alonso's Driving

    When they put tires now they are not hard cold, like it used to ;before early 90s the tires are warmed for several hours. So even is not race temperature they are already heat up, up to 100 C and always kept under close monitoring by enginers, so is much easier now to control the car. Tires used to need 2-3 laps to have the at race temperature or do those zig zags. I will quote you next yr when nando falls to the midgrid. It still too early to say nando is a great driver, people use to say this about JV look at what he is doing now.
  18. Alonso Race Remains Me Of Senna

    You could or "COULDN'T" care less? if you could care less then probably you really care
  19. Whats Next For JV. . .

    Good Bye Kansas for JV He is a good driver but will be hard for him to find a seat as top 5 teams have already settled the seats for next season.
  20. I was hoping to see the come back of 3.0L now we have to watch 4 more seasons of lawnmower with wings. i really enjoyed during the 90s but after 2000s all went downhill.
  21. Alonso Race Remains Me Of Senna

    Yes have to admit Nando is a good driver and time will make him better, but as now he still too c#cky, the day he becomes a humble driver more people will adore him, but now he is still jerk and thinks that he was punished unfairly in the Hungary Q1
  22. Alonso Penalised For Qualifying!!!

    He got penalised for weaving his car towards Doornbos and breaking deliberatly on him, nothing to do with hand gestures. He sure deserved that, now people will say that FIA is helping Ferrari ton win the tittle, but at Monaco people were saying MS is a cheater. People are biased!! If age wasn't an issue MS would spank the current F1 grid for many yrs to come. This is not FAST and the FURIOUS, if FA wants to prove MS/Ferrari fans wrong he must do a good Race and finish in the POINTS!! if not he is just the next worthless JV. Sorry I didn't c it, so many threads about this.
  23. Alonso Penalised For Qualifying!!!

    if anyone still has doubt look what a piece of jerk he is. Fist Waving payback babie!!!
  24. Alonso Penalised For Qualifying!!!

    Wow this is good news for the shumi's 8th WDC a 2 sec penalty will get him towards the end of the grid. He should take the punishment like a man as MS did in monaco, Now we have to see if FA can make it to the points as MS did or just finish the race with 0 points.