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  1. At What Race Will FA Or Fisico Crash Into Shumacher

    Fifi will not stick his neck too far-out for Alonso. He actually overtook Alonso in Shanghai after a few laps of hesitation, before having to slow down again by team order. In reality, team-mates never help departing team-mates. Secondly, Fifi is Italian, he does something stupid against the Prancing Horse, he'd rather prepare to live outside of Italy and apply for French citizenship.
  2. At What Race Will FA Or Fisico Crash Into Shumacher

    The facts are: Fisi was fully committed to protecting Alonso, to preserve his seat at Renault. Renault has not won for the past seven races. On equal points, Schu has more wins than Alonso = pressure. Last year was smooth sailing. Alonso has never been caught before = extra pressure. Dropping that bottle of Champagne = bad luck = psychological pressure. Alonso's engine will be nackared at Suzuka = mehanical pressure. By pushing the out-going Michelin for more performance = extreme pressure on the rubber. Alonso will have no choice but to drive carefully. He takes risks and Schu may end up with the 8th crown by the end of Suzuka.
  3. The Fight Is On!

    I have to congretulate UrKo for being sober, for once. Looking at the stats, the red cars made significant gains over the blue cars over the past six races (With or without mass dampers). Renault produced a shocker with the Michelin rain tires. Looking forward, Alonso will definitely be under serious pressure from the sudden narrowing of points margin. Schu on the other hand will be totally at ease after his announcement and 90 GP wins. Alonso's luck is diminishing (And he had been very lucky on many occasions since last year) and should the pressure gets to him, he will be Shanghaied. But then, rain in Japan will see Bridgestone sh_tting bricks. Then the hot sun in Brazil will bring more surprises, I hope.
  4. Fiarrari

    During Schu's reign at Ferrari, we saw the demise of Benetton, Williams & McLaren, the stongest oppositions. Only through a series of rule changes did the opposition caught up, with Renault's magnificant creation and Alonso's brilliant driving taking the championship last year. BMW Sauber has taken where Renault left off and will be a big force in 2007. We are looking for good competition rather than destructive interference. Game on !!!!!!!!!!
  5. So Long Michael Schumacher

    90 Grand Prix wins & still winning - this is no fluke !!!!
  6. Renault Engine Commemoration Thread....

    It was a new spec engine. Dear old dear.........
  7. Kubica And BMW

    I wonder why Villen left early ?????
  8. Schumi The Great!!!!!

  9. Schumi The Great!!!!!

    Dear old UrKo, You must be badly mistaken. With Kimi & Massa, Ferrari will dominate GP 2007 like the Senna & Prost did.
  10. Welcome Kimi

    The RED CAR will finally give Kimi wings !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Schumi The Great!!!!!

    UrKo, have a few more drinks on me. This is not your day! It's Ferrari's day !! Michael's day !!! Ferrari's fans day !!!!!
  12. Schumi The Great!!!!!

    NINETY GRAND PRIX WINS, all with Big Ross !!! Absolutely amazing !!!! May be three more wins before the end of the season . . . . . . .
  13. Schumi The Great!!!!!

    BMW Saubers are the real spoilers. Next year, they will be the new force in F1. Stay tuned.
  14. Schumi The Great!!!!!

    BRAVO, BRAVO, BRAVO !!!!!!!!!!
  15. Alonso Penalised For Blocking Massa

    If Jean Todt were such a good plotter, he needed not chew his fingers off every other weekend of the race calander. Any race team manager that's able to stage manage an intentional outcome to his advantage at the dying moments of a qualifying session, should have moved on to Broadway or Hollywood.