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    I like f1, soccer (one of my best sports), i like music a lot, much of the time listening to metal genre. I like my pc, i like 3D, planning to become a 3D Artist.
  1. BMW Set To Lose Sponsor O2

    BMW is losing the O2 sponsor, because they damped Villeneuve.
  2. JV Talking Too Much And Trying To Show Off

    he has the right to insult the whole BMW team, since they need him as he said, unless they dont want to build a competitive team.
  3. Formula 1 The Most Unexciting Racing Event

    it is the most exciting motorsport ever, proof: The Hungaroring GP 2006
  4. DC vs Rubens

    you know what the only thing you can compare is that RB with Ferrari has won less that DC with Mclaren and Williams, that is the whole comparison. Rubens had the perfect car and didn't won as much as DC.
  5. JV Talking Too Much And Trying To Show Off

    why you hate him, he was just talking about MS, who lies and cheats, that's all.
  6. Narain Karthikeyan is the worst F1 driver ever, he is worthless to be in F1.
  7. Holy S##t Schumi Rocks!

    but not only MS played, i think Fisi and others too.
  8. ****ing Terrorists

    why do you disagree? Terrorists are bunch of ppl that some of them are related to Al Qaeda, where they destroy biuldings like the twin towers or the metro in Spain, they sometimes go to suicide missions, these ppl are brainwashed, they think that if they do stuff like this, God will let them go to Heaven.
  9. Holy S##t Schumi Rocks!

    wtf are you talking about, noone is better than JV.
  10. ****ing Terrorists

    im a christian and can be a terrorist, it is not important that all terrorists are muslims.
  11. Stewart: Jenson Can Be WDC!

    i agree with you
  12. Im New Here :)

    welcome to the community.
  13. 5,000 Posts!

    thank you abbas
  14. 5,000 Posts!

    yeh, everybody does that, we dont post worthless things in every thread.
  15. Criss Angel

    he is like david copperfield, who has made the statue of liberty vanish, but Criss has more tricks.