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  1. Alonso's Team Cheating Again

    Shows how much credibility i've got around here for my (true and completely correct) arguement to only be recognized when someone else posts it. Thats good because it shows how ignorant and bias the people who argued against me are. Only way to stop a wing from doing this (even the titanium version i proposed earlier) you would need absolutely no elastic propertys in the material and have it strong enough to withstand the load without breaking from repeated stress. So you see theres not a single wing any team is using, or could use, that wont do what your seeing the McLaren wing do. If you really want to be anal you can attack how tyre deformation and suspension travel is causing some of this elevation change that is affecting the wing. We could be realisitc and come to the conclusion that you are just flame baiting by acting (i hope) so clueless on how words on paper translate to the real world. Yep, only the way Ferrari do it gives alot more advantage. If you think of clever ways to interperate rules and just do it like that without drawing attention to the area your exploiting you stand the chance of being the only one doing it for the first time, and it will take alot of time for the others to figure out what is being done and how to do it themselves. Publically getting the FIA to clarify rules points everyone at that exploitable rule and they all get working on how to bend the new definition at the same time meaning the most clever engineers get the best result and the others shouldnt be far behind. Ofcourse the first way is more risky as the FIA will then rewrite the rule making all your effort mean nothing. Getting it clarified first locks the FIA into the definition so it dosent get banned.
  2. Spanish Grand Prix - 2007

    Fantastic race. Hammy spanks Kimi into the first turn again Kimi having mechanical issues at Ferrari while McLaren are free of them now...what a coincidence Alonso and Massa really went for it into turn one. Massa should have taken a wider enterance to mark it as his position and Alonso should have given a little more room if he knew he was there just great it didnt turn out to be anything more serious. Win 99% of them lose this one Massa shows Ferrari still have the fastest car yet McLaren's 1-2 in the WDC and leading the WCC. Just like money cant buy you happyness, the fastest car cant buy you a championship Massa knocks Kimi out of the top3 in the hunt for the WDC and asserts himself as the #1 driver in the team to the disgust of the people that underrate him Hamilton shows ultra consistancy with three 2nd place finishs and one 3rd place finish out of 4 races, top shelf Alonso compromised his strategy so gambles on a new one, even if it dosent pay off it was interesting to see unravel. Damaged car and was showing maximium determination all weekend Sato scores first point for SA Alot of fascinating issues coming up like wheel nuts not done, fire and an exploding tyre
  3. Alonso's Team Cheating Again

    If you want to take it so literally then all wings should be banned from all teams. Mirrors, radio antenna's, driver helmets, tyres, bargeboards, everything. It's alot more complex then flexing = banned. Lucky your on a computer Cav, if you had to hand right all this youd never get anything done...youd just be eating the crayons.
  4. Alonso's Team Cheating Again

    Memory very short? Ferrari used a dowel to lengthen the distance from the nose cone to the end plate, if the upper plane was fixed to the nose cone the carbon fibre would be perminantly damaged or completely snap if it extended to the same degree therefore was giving the upper plane more length then the material would allow by itself. Should really avoid the personal insults about intelligence if you cant understand that concept. Stays the same mass but moves vector coordinates within space. Really its all basic stuff. Displaced is the correct term but it would cause more confusion with you if the dumbed down version is so hard to grasp, maybe its just the dumbed down version is just easier for you to twist the words. As above, if its changing shape its not massively visable to the human eye so is well within the elastic properties of the material not to distort. Everyones wings since the beginning of wing use in any motorsports does this, yes. Ferrari's was flexing in a mechanical way that was controlled, completely different, cant understand why you dont get this very simple concept. They reached the limits of natural flexing within the material because it is allowed, if you see a wing self destruct under high load down a straight without previous external damage then you see the materials stress point has been passed. BMW's rear wing operated within the natural limits of the material, like I said the Mclaren wing wont achieve this in the would have to flex down through the nose cone, beyond its natural limit and come in contact with the main plane. You never know, McLaren might be using smoke and mirrors to conceal the fact that the bridge is doing that some leap forward if they found a way to pass matter through matter without damage. Everything does to a degree, you seemt he miss the point that carbon fibre has a habit of it and is a legal material to use. Like he said it is to a very small degree, most if not all the movement you see is the whole nose dipping under load though. Why argue this at the start? you clearly show you understand something when you want to, when it suits you to understand it. If any team extended their upper planes in the same way and even made it twice as thick as McLarens you would still see the same result because the deflection of the whole front win under downforce will be much more visable with the bridge referanced against the nose cone.
  5. Alonso's Team Cheating Again

    How is that of an interest to this topic? It regards car No.5 (hilarious how they pick out only MS's car ) and is concerned with laterial (sideways, as i said designed to lengthen which is beyond carbon fibres elastic properties) moment of the upper element in relation to the nose cone. This topic? Look at the front wing move rigidly and without distortion in a vertical manner because of high downforce loads after a long straight. The point of a purposely designed flexing wing would be to reduce drag in some manner. How is the bridge reducing drag? the movement of the front wing means its under heavy downforce which is causing drag. It's not flexing down and stalling the front wing is it? nose cone is in the way so thats impossible. It's clearly not lengthening to push the endplates out and flatten the front wing is it? endplates dont twist at all so cant be. If you dont like the aesthetics just say it, its the only solid thing that you can say negatively about it. Feel free to go into more depth then "its moving ban it!", reminds us of nonsensical witch hunts storys of Salem.
  6. Alonso's Team Cheating Again

    *souce* Saturday, May 12th 2007, 20:00 GMT Damn it Ron I said it first! I demand credit. SSSssssssshhhhhhhh you'll get them onto me *looks around nervously twitching* Seriously thats the best picture i could find of "the fast show" guy. Sorry if no one knows that sketch, its bloody hilarious.
  7. Alonso's Team Cheating Again

  8. Alonso's Team Cheating Again (into turn one you can referance the main plane of the wing against the suspension and see it rise as it unloads under braking) (now Ferreri with the upper planes you can see the shape they make when under full load and the shape they make after unloading is completely different meaning the main plane is flexing down) (same) These videos show the Ferrari's flexing in the same way under high load (braking for the first turn of Spain and the final turn of Malaysia) only difference is the bridge McLaren use is easily referenced against the nose and some have a keen eye and are desperate to sling mud. In the Ferrari videos though you can see that the upper plane distorts because it is regidly fixed to the nose as demonstrated by these fine graphics I got commissioned: 1. shows no load 2. shows full load As you can clearly see.... McLaren's stay the same while Ferrari's upper elements distort. McLaren's front wing would be alot less likely to flatten out at load because its all one solid piece with the main planes stress being countered by the upper plane. Ferrari's however seems to just act on keeping the main plane's shape at the sacrifice of flexing/distorting the upper plane. This is all still legal as it was the fix the FIA wanted, it was having the upper plane lengthening under load to flatten out the main plane that Ferrari got caught on. They could make the wing planes half a foot thick but they will still flex, even if its measured in microns. You can be sure the chassis of any race car's flex in a race, common sense is used to know when its the materials natural elastic reaction to a load or an intentional dowel making it longer to flex Might get your way if the FIA bans carbon fibre and makes the team use titanium or diamond for body panels though, its a long shot with all these cost saving scheme.
  9. Alonso's Team Cheating Again

    This pulic service announcement is brought to you by the key word "unison" Look at the wing endplates, they are unloading in unison with the bridge meaning its the whole front wing...if anything the bridge is keeping the main planes in tension reducing the flexing. This id assume is the point of Ferrari, Toyota and Renault's upper planes being attached to the nose cone, McLaren connecting the upper planes seems to do the same thing but would mean the main plane does not have to use so much material making it rigid and also conditioning the air flow to the mid and rear. There looks like the bridge is at the pitch because the camera is not centrally mounted in the "pod" giving it a skewed perspective.
  10. Be Really Scared He'll Be Back.

    I'll have plenty of time for this on the week commencing 21st of May but until then im busy with more important stuff. Even so you "judging" is still a retarded idea, if you disagree then why dont we get Shane2 to judge instead? the over inflated bias is still there just its for the other team. Unless you reply saying then why dont we get someone we know can be impartial, you have nothing left to say on the matter. Schumikonen if you think i'm scared of you... This will be the first compliment I shall ever pay to Cav, because he was a million times better at debating hysterically then you. Our debates would go on for longer, more detail and with solid facts from both sides (instead of just highlighting media dribble like you do), and look....i'm still here after it all! So you have no hope, even with your gang of Kimitards and bias referee you'd all still have a voice in the back of you head knowing when something I say is right, dosent matter even if it gets silenced so you can try and keep a cool front because it will build up so much you will have absolute distain for visiting this forum and one day realise entering it would be too much of a hazzle...I will never stop because making people like you feel that uncomforable is what drives me.
  11. Warning From The God!

    Still very much on topic....well it keeps the recent theme of this forum lately "Kimi fanboys circle jerking"
  12. Valencia deal hinges on election result Valencia's new deal to host a Formula One Grand Prix from next year is conditional on current Generalitat Valenciana's president Francisco Camps winning local elections to be held later this month, Bernie Ecclestone has said. The Spanish city reached an agreement to host a Grand Prix on a street circuit around the new America's Cup port from 2008. Ecclestone said however that the agreement is conditional on Camps, of the centre-right Partido Popular, winning the elections on 27th May. "Although everything is ready, I won't sign the contract until after the election," said Ecclestone. The race, to be called the European Grand Prix, is scheduled for late in the season on a newly designed circuit of between 4.1 and 4.3-km in length reminiscent of Monaco's with its harbour-side location. Spanish media said that Ecclestone had insisted the race must be on a street circuit rather than the nearby Ricardo Tormo track in Cheste, which hosts a round of the MotoGP world championship and is also used for Formula One testing. The inclusion of the Valencia race would give Spain two Grands Prix next year, an announcement at odds with Ecclestone's previous opinion that no European country should have more than one race. Imola, the Italian circuit that hosted the San Marino Grand Prix, was axed from the calendar this year while the Nurburgring and Hockenheim are now alternating as hosts of the German Grand Prix. The European Grand Prix has been held at the Nurburgring since 1999 as Germany's second race. Brands Hatch and Donington Park in Britain and Jerez in Spain have also hosted races with that name. Valencia's willingness to pay an estimated 26 million euros ($35.20 million) to stage each race, and the boom in popularity of Formula One in Spain since the emergence of double world champion Fernando Alonso, are seen as major factors behind the decision. Barcelona's Circuit de Catalunya, where the Spanish Grand Prix will be held this Sunday, has an agreement to stage that race until 2011. *source* ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Am I reading that right? He won't sign unless the people he wants elected wins...
  13. Ferrari F2007 Has Become Faster....

    Damn physics aswell. I'd assume they would need a 90 minutes per lap advantage over the 2nd fastest team for it to be possible.
  14. Current Driver Market 2007

    I think Alonso's on a 3 year contract with McLaren. I remember thinking it would be great if Alonso waited for Kimi to choose a team first next time then Alonso goes and joins him there because both their contracts are up on the same year.
  15. Ferrari F2007 Has Become Faster....

    Nah, they would need a much bigger performance gap if they expected Massa to win the race, jump into the No.6 Ferrari then unlap himself and bring it home 2nd. proberly pesky rules against that kind of thing aswell.