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    F1 Videos

    Whenever im reminded of that the first thing that comes to my mind is wheels flying everywhere, then being amazed no marshal or spectator was hurt and relieved that all the drivers where ok. At the time it seemed much more intense, seeing it later it seems a bit tame...maybe because you know the result.
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    F1 Videos Wonder if its really that fast or the fps of a camera phone makes it look so fast on the way out.
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    F1 Videos

    :thbup: :thbup: :thbup: :thbup: :thbup: :thbup: :thbup: :thbup: :thbup: :thbup: :thbup: :thbup: :thbup: :thbup:
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    F1 Videos

    Interesting new view on that Mika overtaking Schumacher move in Spa 2000, I only found it the other day atleast. Now I know he lifted to let them through
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    F1 Videos

    Lost Racing Hero's There is another more comprehensive one but it shows some extremely graphic video's so I find this to be a more appropriate tribute.
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