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  1. Canada Gp

    Well Done Button! Come on Schumi!! Oh so close!!!!
  2. Canada Gp

    Rules are not daft at all. In Canada the "dirty air" always played a big role here and never really allowed you to come that close. With the DRS I believe we will see quite a number of overtaking. The Pirelli will definitely play a big role as it has throughout the 2011 season. I think here we will see the benefit of the new rules that will set us up for a great race! I really hope Schumacher can turn things around here although he was poor here last year. I think Vettel will be the winner, Lewis to over confident and might just leave him over driving the car as in Monaco. I think Jenson Button has found momentum and he will challenge the Red Bulls along with Lewis but he will lead the Mclaren charge. Ferrari are bring upgrades this weekend and they are looking to turn things around so we should never count out Fernando Alonso! I am looking forward to the race hopefully we will see a new winner but I at least expecting a exciting race! And for those of you who are following the Super Rugby... My money is on the Sharks!
  3. Monaco

    Alright then it is Monaco time! The jewel on the Formula One calendar and everyone is looking forward to some exciting racing! What I would like to know who is your top 5 finishers and how much performance difference there will be between the soft compound and the super soft compound. My Top finishers: 1. Hamilton 2. Vettel 3. Schumacher 4. Alonso 5. Button Alright putting Schumi in there is pretty far fetched but with Monaco anything can happen! In 1982 there were 5 different leaders in the final 4 laps. So you never know...
  4. Monaco

    I completely agree!
  5. Monaco

    I thought Lewis was over aggressive with his drive, but unlucky at times. But I have to agree with Martin Brundle that at the moment he can't take responsibility for his actions and that is a sign of immaturity. He still think he is a great driver he just needs to talk less and drive. These little silly comments can become a distraction for him if he wants to catch Vettel for the championship!
  6. Monaco

  7. Monaco

    hahahaha!! I wonder.... he is another big mouth!
  8. Monaco

    My dear friend Pride comes before the fall.... He is complaining about everyone that is blocking him.... Sounds like a former British F1 Champion....who used to complain about everything... I am all for confidence but displayed it on the track.... that speaks about the character of the man!
  9. Monaco

    Yes please! He get so arrogant at times! If he doesn't shut up Monaco barriers will humble him. Not even Schumacher made remarks like that in is hey day!
  10. Monaco

    Schumacher needs get on with it now if wants to be up there! Only 7th fastest! 1:16.356 1.2 sec slower! Alonso looks incredible around here!
  11. Driver Of The Day Barcelona

    It will have to be Hamilton for me. He was patient and quick! He, like Vettel, did not put a foot wrong. Everyone is saying that Vettel is on top of his game I think Hamilton as well. Big up for Michael Schumacher at last we saw some consistency.Hiedfield was amazing, it would have been interesting if started a bit higher up on the grid if he would have caught Alonso. The highlight of the race was definitely the start. Yes Webber did try to cover Vettel but to stick your car where Alonso did it was pure skill. Can't wait for Monaco!
  12. Spanish Gp

    I just hope for another exciting GP this weekend. Hopefully someone will be on top of their game to beat Vettel this weekend!Be interesting to see if some of the updates that the various teams will have a significant impact on their weekend. I think Vettel will do it again bu I am hoping that Merc will produce something this weekend! As Murray Walker always said: "anything can happen in Formula One" that might give Mark Webber some hope of at least seeing Vettel rearwing this weekend
  13. Vettel Equal To Senna??

    This is what Gorgio Ascenelli said: "Vettel is in Ayrton Senna's league, but Michael Schumacher is not. This is the sensational claim of Giorgio Ascanelli, the highly respected engineer who worked closely not only with Vettel at Toro Rosso, but also with the great Senna at McLaren. 'I am very lucky,' the Italian told Sport Bild. 'Twice in my life I have experienced perfection; once with Senna, again with Vettel." Is this not too arrogant? Yes the man has worked with Senna but to make a call that early in his career? Although it has to be said Vettel is nothing short of brilliant. One observation I have to make is when young guys like Hamilton, Vettel etc. they get called the next Senna? I think they should just dish out those kind of statements. Well that's my opnion. I would like to hear what the rest of you think about that.
  14. Well he has not done the kind of job that everyone expected him to do but you can never count him out, he remains a formidable competitor with lots of experience. He is getting quicker and it will be a matter of time till everything works together and he will deliver the right result what everyone is expecting. Having returned to F1 is not a mistake i think if the likes of Senna was in the same position as Schumacher he would made comeback too... just might have worked out a bit better than Michael's... never the less I think you should review his progress halfway through the season. Turkey is coming up I think Merc might just spring a surprise there and Michael delivering the kind of result that everyone is expecting.
  15. Who do you think will finish on the poduim? Will China spring a surprise and deliver a new winner? Give your thought and predictions here!
  16. Get Your 2011 Champion Here

    I think Michael Schumacher looks good. I know he had a dreadful comeback season, but I believe it was just to get the hang of it again. If Mercedes carries this kind of pace into the season Vettel, Alonso will have to know their game cause the Legend is Back!
  17. Kimi, You Cheater!

    Have you guys got nothing better to argue about? The guy won for a change!
  18. F1 2006 PS 2

    Does anybody have plans like me to invest in the new F1?It is cutom thing for me evry year to get the new F1 evry year.Hopfully it is going to be a great game! Can't wait for PS3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. JV: Faster Or Slower Than Heidfeld?

    JV is slower end of story if he was fast well he would have been in one of the top teams.Heidfeld has proven over the years that he is always a quick driver!
  20. Villeneuve Slams Schumacher Over 'Lies'

    There is the old Villeneuve we know always trying to make someone else look bad too him make look good.Listen at least Schu's name will be mentioned well old JV he will be remembered as the dude that only once won the championship and complained about things around him because he never got anywhere with life after Williams! Kenneth dont be ignorant!
  21. Where is he going next year??Stay at Mclaren and see the strongest Mclaren team mates since Senna and Prost?Or Ferrari and partner mabe MS who is almost at the end of his career?Renault has been knocking on the door and it is a atractive seat with the Worldchampions.Fisi dropped a hint today and said his team mate will be Finnish!Where ever he goes the man does deserve to be champ!!Where will he go??
  22. Renault Team Orders

    Yeah where is all you guys that keep on saying Ferrari did this and that!! Don't tell me that was not team orders.
  23. Schumacher Should Quit

    Shut up Goergie your comments are plonkers.Why should he retire he is still winning!!
  24. Hockenheim Race Thread

    Schumi has kicked a## today!!!
  25. Hockenheim Prediction

    Schu is off to a good start!Ferrari as whole is off to a good start!!