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  1. Oz Race Day

    I don't understand why DC is still racing???? Who is DC??
  2. Good Lord

    That is WAY better than supporting DC though, supporting DC is basically a suicide mission, you know you can never expect anything from him, atleast you can play a game and enjoy
  3. Good Lord

    Get a PS3 and buy F1 2006 It Pwns Nothing is better than racing online with other players in a full grid and having pitstops and crashes, NOTHING
  4. Am I Biased?

  5. Alonso Is Actually Nice??

    In every thread, somebody says something stupid and a group of people get together and try to correct that post or try to be Mr.I am right and you're wrong. Firstly, why in the hell do you respond if you find something stupid? This is happening forever, the stupid posts are going to keep coming, it seems like you guys are in a competition for "most post" awards. Senseless.
  6. Brundle Comparing Driving Style's

    Nice, but doesn't this go to the video section?
  7. Driver Of The Day??

    the only reason i said that is because, its surprising when a die hard anti-michael fan admitts something so impossible
  8. Webbo Slams Schumi!

    This is exactly what Im talking about, the complains never stop. He has done two or three things that can be questionable, but you guys crucify him. If you're talking about successes and personality, you cant compare him with any other driver, because any other driver is not successful as he is and doesnt even match up to his standards. That being said, he is always in the limelight, people look at him more then they look at you or they look at Sato. Do you think, people even care what Sato does? Obviously not, a couple of weeks ago. Fernando made a few statements which was misunderstood by the press. And what did they do? THEY CRUCIFIED HIM. Honestly, you guys could be excellent news reporters for your constant criticizing and lame complaints. Now he is retiring, let the fans have their last fun. You've spoiled the fun all season and youre still spoiling it for no benefit. You're spoiling the fun with reasons such as something years ago. The past is past, you live in the present, and the present does seem like michael is the greatest and always will be the greatest. And at the end of the day, you tell me to "relax", i wonder why. And it's funny, you count drivers such as "Mark Webber" and "Jack Villenueve" as good professional opinions. We all know what their state is, where theyre landed. You choose their opinions over the polls. I would rather choose what people think instead of two lousy old retired drivers who are completely jealous and live in the past.
  9. Driver Of The Day??

    Wow, you admitted he was driver of the day?? what a development!
  10. So What

    I am so regretting my earlier statement about leaving F1. For christ sakes, I totally forgot about the next great legend, the next schumacher, the one and only: Scott Speed. Ferrari seriously shouldve taken Scott Speed instead of Massa. I know Speed will take over formula 1 in a matter of years. Patience, comrade, patience! VE VIL RULZ ZE VORLD
  11. Webbo Slams Schumi!

    Okay, look, with ALL DUE RESPECT. Why do you live in a world with so many "If's" and "But's" and complains. The man CLEARLY earned his spot, it was not like, he came into F1 as Bernie's son. The man CLEARLY DOMINATED the sport. Now, the man is RETIRING, show some dignity. You're questioning his behaviour and personality, look at YOURS. Im trying my best not to offend you, but you, JV, spitfire, Webber live in this imaginary world where daisy and friends are always jealous of the people with chocolate milk. For christ sakes mate, how can you keep complaining about the greatest driver of all time. Look, look, this is report taken from BBC in 2003 ( In a poll of over 10,000 BBC readers and motorsport fans, Schumacher was voted the "Greatest Ever Grand Prix Driver", receiving 64% of the total votes; Ayrton Senna was second, with 26%; Juan Fangio was a distant third, at 4%. The poll was given in 2003, at which point Schumacher had won 6 of his current 7 World Championships. Now, do you think the FIA had something to do with that TOO??? or do you think the british media is run by Jean Todt??? Okay okay, I agree too, he cheated in some races blah blah. But do you know why? Because he ISNT GOD. You cant expect anyone to be perfect, now take my comrade Moose's advice "Remember this - Nice boys finish last." and please stop the complains. Tytytytytytyty.
  12. Webbo Slams Schumi!

  13. Driver Of The Day??

  14. So What

    I don't really care about F1. No one brings as much as joy as Michael does. I am more of a fan of Michael than F1. Michael brought me into the sport. As you say, you tune in to see guts and determination, and I dont see that in anyone else except him. Thats what makes me love him even more, he is a true inspiration.
  15. So What

    Well said, I liked JPM too. If he wouldve stuck around, Im SURE - next year would be his year. That guy's aggression and challenging spirit really caught my eyes.