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  1. New F1s Vs Indy/champ Car

    This is true, for the same amount of fuel. The benefit to methanol, though, is that it allows you to run MUCH higher static and dynamic compression ratios before detonation occurs. The vehicle is much less fuel efficient per distance, but it will also produce much more power. For example, a sprint car engine with max static compression on methanol (~14.5-15.5:1) will make in excess of 800 horsepower, whereas max static compression on pump-available gas (~12:1) will make about 550 or so horsepower. It will use roughly twice as much fuel to do it, but does it never the less, and is actually cheaper than race grade fuel per distance. For Champ Car, the methanol helps not only allow them to run higher compression (to ensure good torque output before boost threshold is reached) and higher boost pressure with a higher flowing turbine for a given boost threshold. Because of the added compression and much larger fuel quantity, there is much more energy in the exhaust relative to a similiarly setup gas engine. Same idea as a diesel, really- less latent energy content per quantity, but the manner in which it is used offsets that, with different pros and cons for each fuel.
  2. Current Driver Market

    Ask some of the guys within the Red Bull camp that. Ask which driver has the most potential, and which is currently quickest (if a bit inconsistent still). Also, add Montagny to Super Aguri. Supposedly, his deal with them for this year was to finish off the season as third driver, and in return he has been guaranteed a race seat for next year. Sorry again, Ant! But, good to see he gets a real deal.
  3. The only thing that will stop them from trying Paffett would be the fact that they know, for sure, that PDLR can score points. Though not the fastest guy on track, he was a consistent finisher and always kept out of trouble, so he would be good to score points. They don't know that about Paffett. If they decide they don't care as much about points, they might do what they did last year, and give both test drivers a go on various races for comparison purposes (though last year it was mostly just because they wanted to give each driver a chance as a "thanks").
  4. Current Driver Market

    Liuzzi should be listed as a probable for RBR, for sure. More likely than anyone else on the list...unless, that is, Berger screws him and keeps him for another year.