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  1. I'm a little late here, been working 60+ hour weeks ... Happy birthday, Bruce!
  2. Agreed; see Villeneuve v. Arnoux, Dijon '79. The problem is, although I generally agree with what else you said (quoted below), very few drivers are willing (able?) to drive it that hard any longer (not to mention that carbon suspension components can't survive wheel-banging passes); it's all about the championship and protecting the points. Villeneuve and his "win or crash trying" attitude wouldn't make it through his first season nowadays; he'd be shuffled off in favor of a pay-driver that doesn't break expensive cars. Agreed that more fans and pundits should have some seat time (even in a kart) before mouthing off. That said, I don't believe the drivers *have* to drive the car at its limits these days, and as a mentioned above, it's not possible to battle as hard (with formula cars) as it was in the "good old days". All together, I've seen too many instances of a slower driver getting to the front of the pack (through pit choices, usually) and then the faster guys behind him *demanding* a blue flag for a pass for position ... Get rid of the silly blue flag and let (or make) the drivers drive.
  3. Happy birthday, Mike; hope all is going well.
  4. Hey, what happened to your profile photo?

  5. Love the pic you chose! That wasn't my tobacco you were smoking in that pipe, was it?

  6. Gotta say, though ... The photographer that shot that is amazing. He deserves a raise ... Oh, yeah ... That was me.
  7. Mike does pretty well; we need to get Bruce along on our next shooting trip.
  8. Ehh, so I'm finally getting around to this thread ... First, Ferrariphile, thanks for keeping your fingers off the triggers ... This photo sucks, but it's the best fairly current one of me, from the CCWS weekend in Vegas in April. It was early, I think I was still slightly hung-over, and I never photograph well anyway... Now, while we're at it, should I include some pics of my guns? I even have photos of Mike (autumnpuma) shooting, too...
  9. My 'bachelor party' was on the last night that it was still legal to smoke inside here in the Republik of Kahh-lee-four-nee-yuh ...

    I'm far from convinced that the state is any healthier nine years on...

    But then, I'm an idiot. Ask anyone.

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