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  1. Wonder if he found an icecream squished between the pedals? jokes apart, LEGENDARY. Something I'm more happy with is the intensity I felt he had when he saw Eric Bouiler speaking at the launch of the E20 and said 'we have a world champion and that motivates the team. Felt like Kimi actually gave a sh!t! or was having one.. duh
  2. icemanrules!


    I have never actually posted much on this forum but I've always read views of a number of great people regarding F1 (every single day)....One of those people was pumpdoc. I'm really sad to hear this news and pray his soul rest in peace. god bless...
  3. I suspect King Alonso is Alonso's PR manager I think it was the from the shock that Junior had finished 5 seconds behind him. Poor chap must have seen his rear view mirrors and blacked out.
  4. defn is very interesting to see the 'smaller ' teams beating the cr$p out of the bigger ones. Me thinks it is a clear case of the smaller teams being more innovative and being able to develop some great cars. Ferrari, BMW and Mclare are clearly lacking in down force at the moment. Once they get their aero updates for the European leg it will be very interesting to see who of the big 3 come out on top. I feel it will be Mclaren as of the top 3, they started out lot worse but have been able to amass the most number of points...
  5. Alonso's fastest time in Q2 was just 0.5 seconds faster than his final run in Q3, which goes to show how light that car is on fuel. compare that to others who had at least a clear 1 second difference between Q2 and Q3 timings. Expect him to pit within 10 - 13 laps and maybe even a 3 pit strategy for a v short sprint on the super softs.
  6. icemanrules!


    I remember Vettel telling in the post qualifier press conference that overtaking here is not too easy. Alonso has been good at the starts this year and he is also running super light so expect him to slip past Vettel too! That will be mighty interesting
  7. icemanrules!


    Ti's a pity, so much for the KERSed revolution. Think Mclaren is the only team sure of their system. Lets see if it works in their favor tomorrow. BTW I read that Hamilton was running some bits on his car on Friday that was not on Heikki's..... any idea if they where fitted to Heikki's too?
  8. icemanrules!


    As long as it makes him drive faster, Flavio wouldn't give a tit so he is all yours
  9. Gods own country! planning a ride this June to Guruvayur for a friends wedding. Hindustan is a fun place, infact my brother and sister did their engineering there.
  10. Thanks and frankly, this is the first time I've heard that dish. Must be a north Indian dish, I hail from down south! Form the land of Idly Sambar
  11. icemanrules!


    I think Alonso does not, while Nelsinho does have. Also Nelsinho is not running the updated diffuser that was kindly planted into Alonso's rear end.
  12. icemanrules!


    Nope he is not. Beats me why they would not have it here in Shanghai with one of the longest straights. Same goes for Ferrari. Kimi has Hamilton right behind him who is the first of the KERSed cars. Will be an interesting first corner between the two.
  13. icemanrules!


    nope, must be his bushy eyebrows
  14. Williams yes, Trulli is heavier than guys around him while Glock should be prepared for a torrid weekend.
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