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  1. 2008 Italian Gran Prix Thread

    Also forgot to say this , Katy must be on moon by now seeing Vettel take pole
  2. 2008 Italian Gran Prix Thread

    Hamilton is very good wet weather racer, so I can see him attacking tomorrow. There is 85-90 % chance of Rain tomorrow. I also think that Filepe is heaver on Fuel.
  3. Belgium Gp - Spa-francorchamps

    Mclaren have filed an appeal , lets see. Might not be over yet.
  4. Belgium Gp - Spa-francorchamps

    We have the video evidence. I wont say that as cheating, its a sad sporting incident. The penalty might be harsh , but the fact is that he had an advantage.
  5. Driver Of The Day - Spa

    My vote goes to KIMI , he was awesome almost the whole race. Very unfortunate for him to crash out , really feel sad for him.
  6. Belgium Gp - Spa-francorchamps

    Cmon guys , he got an advantage . No one can deny that. Ferrari always tops in the straight line speed , so if they were racing normally then no way would Hamilton would have passed him there. After short cutting the chicane he carried more speed (advantage) therefore he could overtake KIMI. It was not a clean overtaking.
  7. Belgium Gp - Spa-francorchamps

    He got an advantage by short cutting the chicane and then he did let him go but the advantage that he got was not negated by letting KIMI go through , he started attacking kimi very early. Am not sure if KIMI passed Hami fully.
  8. Belgium Gp - Spa-francorchamps

  9. Belgium Gp - Spa-francorchamps

    It was a shame that kimi crashed after driving so well for the entire race. I was heart broken after seeing this , he could have been up there for contention for the title. Now its too hard unless Massa & Mclaren start retiring. Next race we might see a number of Engine Blow ups.
  10. Belgium Gp - Spa-francorchamps He received a 25 seconds penalty which places him 3rd. Well It was surely an advantage for Hamilton when he took the short cut and later overtook KIMI. I am sure 75 % of you will say this is harsh.
  11. Spa!

    All three will go to Kimi Raikkonen. Race Win, Pole and Fastest Lap. And yes these are traditional Ferrari circuits
  12. Dod Monaco

  13. Force India Files A Complaint

    Nop they said that BMW pit stop is 1 SEC less than what Ferrari's is and 2 sec less than what Mclaren's is. So if it has got anything to do with Fuel efficiency then Ferrari v8 is more efficient than Mercedes Engine.
  14. Force India Files A Complaint

    Just read it, Stewards decide not to take any action against KIMI A statement read: "The Stewards after hearing the explanation of both the Competitors representatives and the drivers decided that the incident requires no further action." Poor GASCOYNE , needs to judge and think better before making comments.
  15. Force India Files A Complaint

    That's just a racing incident. How many times we have seen this, it happens even in dry races where the driver loses control. No doubt Sutil drove very well, but it's bad luck and you got to live with it. If KIMI was stupid and reckless we would not have been a world champion