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  1. Predictions For The Hungaroring

    my predictions, and my official LAST ever post on here a kimi victory, actually a one-two will suffice Schumacher to 'run' into alonso, and get disqualified from the WDC again LOL Adeus!!!!!!!!!!! It's been FUN
  2. What Song Are You Listening To Lately

    no it seems to me you don't understand that the reason Hezbollah needed to be destroyed, because go and find out what they stand for. them along with most muslims in the arabs world, call on 'muslim' brothers to destroy israel, alot of countries in the middle east are EXTREME and are a hot bed for terrorism, and their governments encourage it. go understand that
  3. Jemstride

    Kimi breaks cars, that bollox, now thats thr truth.
  4. Where Are The Fernando Fans?

    I am an Alonso i'm not convincing myself either!!!!!!!
  5. Current Driver Market

    Really, i mean to the love my posts? oh well i take your word for it obrigardo, cheers
  6.,,3-2006350038_2,00.html everyone is talking about it, renaults's in a poor state for next season. Alonso going-and taking some 'key' members with him according to rumours, and their attempt to steal kimi raikkonen is laughable at best. Kimi definately is at ferrari, its the worst kept secret in F1 Flavio if i was you, i'd not bother renewing my contract with Renault, like i said i didn't see their 'success' being sustained
  7. Current Driver Market

    As ever when the F1 calendar enters its final third, the 2007 driver 'silly season' found itself in a high gear at Hockenheim. source: - rumors While speculation about Michael Schumacher and Kimi Raikkonen traditionally hogs the headlines, a number of other racers are also unsure about their future. Schumacher's young teammate Felipe Massa is patiently waiting for the silly season's smoke to clear, while he has cropped up in gossip about a Red Bull move. ''All I can say is that I will drive in formula one in 2007,'' the Brazilian confidently exclaimed. ''Where, it is too early, but hopefully I have a chance to stay at Ferrari.'' BMW-Sauber's test driver Robert Kubica, meanwhile, again impressed with his 'Friday' performance in Germany, but he says he is not guaranteed a racing ride at the team next year. ''I have learned to keep my feet on the ground and to not have any expectations,'' the Polish youngster was quoted as saying by 'St. Galler Tagblatt'. Kubica said: ''If it happens, great, if not, it means I did not do a good enough job and I will have to accept it.'' Meanwhile, observers noticed F1's world champion of 1998 and 1999 - Mika Hakkinen - as a guest of the McLaren team at the Hockenheimring on Friday. ''I think they can win this weekend,'' said the Finn, who today races in the German 'DTM'. The PaddockTalk Perspective: And with the revelation yesterday of Klien's likely demise - despite the artifical deadline being lifted - it would be an interesting move for Massa. The potential upside is that Adrian Newey could design a fantastic car for the team, and a move by Massa may put him in a car that could fight at the front, and bring the driver willing to bet his career on it huge rewards and accolades! But obviously racing for Ferrari means he will have a weekly opportunity to be successful, as long as he isn't too successful. ------------------------------------ also Weber says win this title and retire to MS, Kimi would kill MS in a ferrari (if they are allowed to actually race), this coming from an anti-kimi fan
  8. Alonso Criticizes Team And Teammate Again

    i hope he take all his luck, or rather lack of it, to ferrari
  9. oh are you counting in dog years
  10. Alonso Criticizes Team And Teammate Again

    they should all support Nico after MS, because he is very un-German in more ways then one oh and if i was german, it would be merc or bmw for me as well, even though i understand drivers attract alot of support, but me i prefer a team, drivers pass, teams remain, maybe i'm a fool to think like that!!!!!!! not renault, their success will not be sustained like benneton listen to mika and stay at mclaren
  11. Alonso Criticizes Team And Teammate Again

    from a MS fan, no wonder you don't understand team over any driver!!!!!!!!!!!! i was never toleman, lotus, mclaren then williams-its always been MCLAREN
  12. correct!!!!!!!!!!! the ferrari fans apart from the italian tifosi, are neither loyal or of any real meaning, they are fickle, its like these Alonso fans, where were they all before the 'success'? taking siesta's remember at the british gp this year it was all blue and red red is italian and german blue is spanish and french the mclarens and william fans were remote to say the least
  13. Alonso Criticizes Team And Teammate Again

    oh yeah in that twenty one years of HURT (i loved it btw) i saw all these 'loyal' fans at every gp cheering on their team? bollox, apart from the italian tifosi, there were very few ferrari fans elsewhere. i don't need to prove my loyalty to my team, i post like a typical bitter and twisted Mclaren fan
  14. Renault Team Orders

    LOL but as far as i am aware, williams and mclaren's drivers at that time where not known as being dirty cheats with a 'history' of dishonest behaviour. after 1994, the illegal traction control, illegal fuel rig, the illegal under trays, the anitcs at SS and the famous Hill wishbone clash, MS's dishonesty in that ONE season surpassed how much of a dishonest b#####d senna had been in his entire f1 career