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  1. Flavio Furious Over Massa

    Oh, Sorry Sato I made a spelling error. I suppose you have not made one in your 4800 posts of nonsense. I bring up a very important point and you correct my spelling. Why, because you cannot discuss the issue. The cars are on level field now and team preparation takes over. Did you even watch the session. Renault were even slow in the pits with their stops.
  2. Flavio Furious Over Massa

    Cav, Sato has no qlue. Renault fans should be asking a more important question. Why did both Ferrari's get out ahead of us to start Q3. As I see it the cars are equal, but now the team's response takes over. This is where Ferrari shines.
  3. I just dont get it. "Mistakes" You guys must be kidding me. Any driver in the F1 paddock, past, present, future would love to make these so called mistakes. Lets see 7 WDC's, Most wins, poles, laps led, I can go on forever. Overall he is the best ever, Why: because he has the numbers period. If you want to debate about best in certain era's thats fine. Also you cant look at past and present drivers feelings about MS and use their views as gospel just like we cant use ours. Why, Jealousy and 80 mil a year Who wouldnt be jealous at what he has done I would if i was a driver. I guess the debate will go on forever. Bottom line you can only go by numbers because any other way can be debated forever.
  4. Alonso Penalised For Qualifying!!!

    Oh sorry, Watching the incident maybe he didnt brake check exiting but he did slow and blocked him out wide to impede that = 2 . but enough we agree to disagree
  5. Alonso Penalised For Qualifying!!!

    Oh so when FA braked checked RD twice, going into the corner and then exiting should he get more time then? Thank You Please. Bottom line both FA and MS messed up. We'll see what they do tomorrow. Hopefully kimi will win. It will rain and everyone will crash out
  6. Alonso Penalised For Qualifying!!!

    I think you even know it is scam. Unless their is a penalty for passing under the red or if its a stewards discretion. If its the stewards decision like I said its a scam. Should be 1 sec to remain consistant
  7. Alonso Penalised For Qualifying!!!

    How are they consistant, FA comitted 2 infractions=2 sec. MS commits 1 infraction= 2 sec. Yeah thats consistant. I think we should say FIARenault now!!!!!!!!
  8. Alonso Penalised For Qualifying!!!

    Sorry you can merge mine to this one. I think we put it through at the same time
  9. Alonso Penalised For Qualifying!!!

    Well said , I watched the Speed Tv 2nd practice sessions on TV. I dont remember seeing the brake check live but the commentators brought it up and showed it. I saw the pass under yellow live, it was done by FA when they had the in car camera on him and the yellow was on the screen when he passed. I dont know if the pass under the yellow would warrant the penalty. I assume it was for the brake check
  10. Alonso Penalised For Qualifying!!! is reporting that FA has be given a 2 sec penalty for each of tomorrows qualifying sessions due to his actions in practice today. He passed a car under yellow conditions and brake checked another car. If this holds he'll be lucky to get past the first session of qualifying.
  11. The Upper Hand

    Do you feel michelin will step it up, or is it just a fact that the Ferrari is developing quicker with the bridgestone package.
  12. The Upper Hand

    Well with six to go who has the upper hand. Renault and FA are leading in both but can they hold on. Ferrari and MS seem to be a little stronger with the help of bridgestone. I personally think its Mercedes,Honda, Williams which will play a key role in deciding for both championships, in terms of qualifying and taking podium points possibly. Thoughts?
  13. Renault Team Orders

    Urko, Trust me I don't Know it all. I wish I did! This seems to be a great forum. I was just trying to show that rules get changed when certain teams do well. Thats the way it is.Unfortunately it sometimes affects your team. Sorry if I offended you I'm new to the forum but have been watching F1 for a long time.
  14. Renault Team Orders

    I'm assuming you have not followed F1 to long to make that statement. All top teams are usually affected by the FIA at some point. I guess you dont know what a T car is (spare car) and who primarilly used it to maximize qualifying during the old school (real qualifying) sessions.