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  1. Driver Of The Day Shanghai 2009

    Vettel was brilliant no doubt but as a fellow Aussie I am absolutely stoked for the all round top bloke that is Mark Webber. Outstanding drive even though he made a mistake he corrected it and that passing move on Button to re-claim second spot in turns 7 & 8 was a brilliant move in the dry let alone the attrocious conditions that these guys had to contend with. Finally Webbie might have the chance to show what he is really capable of if the RB5 continues to be developed in the right direction. It is nothing less than he deserves. I think after all the years he's been with Red Bull/Jaguar and the hard times that have occurred, the genuine happiness he showed for Vettel and Red Bull just shows what a classy man he is. Makes me even more proud to be an Aussie.
  2. 2009 Aussie Gp Venue

    Enuff said!!
  3. Aussie F1gp Up The (eastern) Creek?

    ADMIN - Can you please delete this topic post. Sorry about the double-post but i'm sufferring from bad lag.
  4.,18954,3213_3294175,00.html WOW!! What a surprise! Sydney has siad it will upgrade the Eastern Creek circuit if it means the Australian F1 grand Prix is moved to New South Wales. I'm not so sure that the circuit is suited to F1 and it would have to be a MAJOR upgrade but hopefully it means we may get to keep the Aussie GP (even if it is in New South Wales). Fingers crossed for some light on the horizon... and tens of millions of dollars to upgrade the track. Thoughts anyone?
  5. Let Bernie Talk!!!

    "In the old days it was easier to be dictatorial, but now in Formula 1 we have more of a democracy. I hate democracy as a political system - it stops you getting things done. I think people should have decisions made for them. Torture is just an old-fashioned way of getting things done." And with that quote we can see why Bernie HeartofStone is an A class w#nker!! How could he possibly call the F1 arena a democracy? What he says goes! And lately that seems to be the Austalian F1 GP. One Hobbit to rule them all!! I am mustering all the RingWriaths I can find to rid us of this Hobbit.
  6. Who Cares About Lewis When You Can Oogle This...

    Back on topic - What I want to know is how the hell she fits all that hair into her helmet?
  7. Where To Hold The Aussie Gp

    Formula 1 at Bathurst!!!???? It will never happen. The track is way to undulating for for the F1 cars. Can you imagine a F1 car coming through the Dipper at God knows what speed. The car would be ripped apart!!! As for Surfers, I just can't see the QLD government taking on Victoria's massive debt. I would love to think that F1 would be just down the road from where I live but the government won't support 2 international events and the bills that come with them. Please God let me be wrong on this!!!
  8. V8 Supercars

    Not trying to be a smart arse but the sponsorship and number of the car suggest this is actually Todd Kelly from HRT not Toll HSV. Either way the car looks fantastic. As AussieF1 said I would be interested in hearing the thoughts of our American mates on what they think of the V8 Supercar series. I know I'm in love and I AM a Holden fan.
  9. Japanese 2007 Race Thread

    I think you, your cousin and Vettel are damn lucky that that's all Mark said. While I appreciate where you are coming from, if a microphone is shoved under anyone's gob when they are a bit "emotional" it has to be expected that things like this will get said. It was Live TV (something I guess we're not used to in Oz) and I really don't think Mark was just going to say "Gee, that was a bit unfortunate wasn't it - I hope Vettel is OK the poor bloke". I can assure you - you wouldn't have wanted to have your little cousin around me when it happened. The kid's ears would be bleeding from what I had to say.
  10. Webber's Pass On Kovalainen

    Thanks for correcting me B.P. but even if we are talking about Heidfeld here my post still stands. Mark (36 points) once again finished ahead of his teammate (Heidfeld - 28 points ) in the 2005 season and consistently out-qualified him as well. So I would still like to know where and when Webber was owned by ANY of his teammates and I would like the facts that prove it. Until then, it's just another example of Webber bashing without any justifiable facts. And quite frankly it's boring and meaningless.
  11. Webber's Pass On Kovalainen

    I assume you're talking about NICO Rosberg here and if so .... You're absolutely right!!! Mark is BETTER than Rosberg. He proved that when they were both in the same car at Williams. Given the same scenario, being in the same car, Webber would again prove to be better in my opinion. I would LOVE to know what you base your opinions on. Rosberg is clearly a good driver but he was outperformed by Webber at Williams on almost every occasion. Rosberg has the better car this season so he should be doing better than Mark. Half of the time Mark doesn't even get to finish a race due to a poor car so don't it's hard to have good results when you can't even finish a race.
  12. Webber's Pass On Kovalainen

    OWNED hey?! Well while Mark may not be in the same class as Senna, Prost, Schumacher et al, his record over Rosberg at Williams speaks for itself. I don't don't know what you were watching but Mark consistently out-qualified Rosberg and out performed him in the races. Mark got 2 sixth places and 1 eighth place while Rosberg got 2 seventh places. So I'm wondering...when exactly was Rosberg owning Webber during that season. The facts tell a completely different story to your post. The only thing Rosberg seemed to own of Webber's was a view of the rear of Mark's car. I would be interested to read how you came to your conclusion.
  13. Who Would You Like To Replace Alonso?

    But Webber hasn't!! It seems these days that the drives have clauses built into their contracts for anything that may help them out of a contract. Remember the Button saga? Is it fair?..... Well that's another thread but I'm sure most drivers would have something in their contract that allows them to exit on a technicallity. I would love to see Webber in a decent car then we would all know how good or average he is. McLaren would certainly be that chance but I very much doubt it will happen. Webber doesn't bring much to a team in the way of sponsorship dollars so that will always work against him.'s fingers crossed that it will happen.
  14. Australian Tv Times

    ALWAYS!!!! - the only GP that isn't delayed is (surprise, suprise) the Australian GP. But hey, I'm sure Channel 10 will eventually delay our own GP soon enough. They obviously don't give a toss about the Aussie F1 fans but then again we've been putting up with it forever so why would it ever change. Channel 10 and Bernie don't give a crap about Australian F1 fans so this is the way it will always be until Foxtel take it over - but Bernie wouldn't let that happen - God forbid he lose out on a few million dollars due to those that don't have Foxtel. I've said it before and I'll say it again - MONEY (and Bernie) ....THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL You can now add Channel 10 to that list as well.
  15. A Question About American Sports

    You've absolutely nailed it Quiet One. Here in Australia we do get some NFL (which I love watching by the way), MLB, Indy Car, NASCAR and NBA as well as a tiny bit of the NHL (another one of my favourites) but if there is one thing that puts me off a bit it is the way that the winner of the finals is called the World Series Champion!! How can this be if they never play teams from other countries?? We play Rugby League here (as well as AFL and Rugby Union of course) and at the end of the season, the premiers from Australia play the premiers from the UK in a World Club Challenge which is kinda like a Superbowl for Rugby League except involving clubs from 2 different countries. It's still not a real World championship but it's on the right track. I have also asked a few of my mates this same question that you raise Erinnn and they all say the same thing - they can't stand NFL because of the way it is so stop/start (while the defensive/offensive and Special teams change over and between each down) and because of the way the NFL players go on like show ponies when they make 3 yards. I have personally not allowed that to worry me too much but I do agree with it to a certain extent. If a player went on like that here in Rugby League they would probably be belted or dropped to the reserves for being such a w#nker. I think it just comes down to the culture and environment you grow up in as with just about everything else. However - as I said - I really do enjoy watching the NFL and NHL.