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  1. Fia 2010 Rules

    I beg to differ. Nowadays they do not have a pressure to change the wheels REALY fast because in the end the stop wil last as long as it takes to put the fuel in. I rememnber the proper pit stop battles and it was much more of a spectacle than this is now.
  2. Heidfeld Will Use Kers,kubica Won't

    I know that most of these guys are one-track minds, but for me the answer for this question shows that he hasn't go a life. At all. It was about a day OFF...
  3. Penalties

    I agree the penalties for Rosberg and Kubica were harsh but that's the rules this year. the rule is stupid I hope they change it. Massa on the other hand got penalised for unsafe release from pit stop and almost crashing Sutil (again). That was fair but still I was bit surprised that they didn't black flaged him for work on the car taken place not in the Ferrari designated area.
  4. 08 Quali Tweaks

    so, what you want to say is, that you responded to my message without reading it?
  5. 08 Quali Tweaks

    which part of my post made you think I was refering to 2008 regulations?
  6. Lewis Gets Owned By Police

    "Speed has never killed anyone, suddenly becoming stationary.... that's what gets you."
  7. 08 Quali Tweaks

    not really, no. At least not precisely. They *can* add the fuel beore the race, but the amount of fuel they can add is declared by Race Director for every car separately. This depends on number of laps run in in q3 and the amount of fuel taken by fia as a sample during inspection. So this does not nesseserly mean that they start the race with the same amount they start q3. this difference was the main point of the "extra lap controversy", which actually was peak of tensions between alonso and hamilton that lead to refueling "spy saga" and since was major decider in 2007 World Championship. I understand that this year's procedure could be confusing and 'no refueling' after q3 would be much clearer
  8. 08 Quali Tweaks

    nope. they refuel cars before the race
  9. Too Fast For Alonso

    Ron's inability to predict Alonso's lack of acceptance for this so called "equal status" really has affected MacLaren's chances for the title.
  10. Too Fast For Alonso

    Nobody deserves that. It's going to be humiliating experience.
  11. I see huge difference between "his fans" and "Piotr". Please...
  12. Lewis Isn't The Greatest

    so I am bit lost. Seems they conducted two surveys 1. for most popular formula one driver (which Lewis tops) 2. for most revered driver of all time (won by Senna where Lewis in not even in top 10 - and Kubica is 5th) sounds even more confusing
  13. A Present For Kimi

    I guess it is but still it does not make it anything else than the rest of it - it is a blended whiskey They simply put a little bit more of good whiskey in it.
  14. Lewis Isn't The Greatest

    I'm sure it wasn't. In that case Robert wouldn't be 5th.
  15. Lewis Isn't The Greatest

    They were asking F1 *fans*, so I am not very surprised with the overrepresentation of current drivers or drivers fans might at least remember watching. Not surprised with Kubica's position also: despite the overall point result, he took part in the most spectacular *on_track* events of past season - Montreal crush and rain battle with Massa. I guess his overtaking on *both* Heidfeld and Rosberg is quite high on youtube also.