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  1. Mal. Grand Prix Live ?

    cheers TF1 and doc
  2. Mal. Grand Prix Live ?

    hi all Just wondering if anyone has a sopcast link where i could get Mal Grand Prix practs/qualis/race live Cheers Sid
  3. Living In Australia

    You will love staying in Australia , as a international student staying here in Australia for 4 years now i will say this is a beautiful country with beautiful and wonderful people And the bitches beaches are stunning too
  4. Dod

    I voted Massa for his overtaking move on Kimi in final laps just kidding Hamilton was obvious choice , special mention to Alonso and Kimi he tried hard to match pace of Hammy but Hammy was on different level yest. Sid
  5. Kimi Wins The Wdc!!!!!!!!!!!

    FINALLY KIMI WON !!!! Ferrari gave him what Maclaren couldnt give him for some 4-5 years Woohoooo Congrats to Kimi .. You are the King Sid
  6. Chandok Wins In Gp2

    Did any of you guys see the race live ? Man it would have given me goosebumps to hear Indian national anthem on podium and with India flag in middle I guess this would be a FIRST for India to win in any kind of worldwide motorsport event Great weekend for India Cheers Sid
  7. Clean Or N-rain

    mate clearly some people still live in 19th century and think themselves of superior race and believe in master-slave concept. i dont remember NK doing mistake like Albers did.He did drive a bit on the edge but that was his rookie year. I am sure if NK gets one more chance he will perform better than his previous stint Good on you NK , hope you get the seat
  8. Mclaren Is Going To Drop Kimi?

    Merc out to buy Mclaren