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  1. Kimi Or Fernando, Your Choice

    Easy. Fernando. Proven winner, smarter driver.
  2. Don't get your knickers in a knot Bajo, I may not have too many posts but I've been reading YHR's and yours, Senna's, Sato's, JR's for the last few years, I only joined recently when JV was sacked. I was a fan of YHR's posts during the worst JV bashing moments because he eloquently pointed out facts and did his best to quell the sometimes overwhelming ignorance of JV bashers. Excuse me if I'm out of line, of course I'm more familiar with some of you than you of me. Anyhow, post-counts are kind of overrated aren't they? If someone has something interesting to say it shouldn't matter how many things you've said in the past should it?
  3. Barrichello To Push For 'Change' At Honda

    I expect Barrichello to do better vs Button next year as he's had a year to settle in. Drivers must find it very frustrating when they are expected to be fast but when they want to tailor the car so they can do just that they encounter resistance from the team. JV at Sauber in 2005 had that problem. I like Reubens, he waved to me when I yelled at him in the drivers parade in Montreal 1999-he seems like a good guy .
  4. Don't Date Russian Women...

    Wise move Bajo, to steer clear, a colleague of mine was with (for close to ten years) and eventually bought a house with a Russian woman who recently dumped him... for another woman. It gets worse, both women work upstairs .
  5. JV (FA) vs MS (KR)

    I am also a JV fan and found myself rooting for FA this year. I've liked FA since he came into F1, firstly, I saw him race in Montreal for Minardi in 01 and at the corner I was sitting at he looked so much faster than his teammate and looked competitive with much better cars- I thought, put this guy in a fast car and watch out! Then in his first year with Renault he had some stellar drives, I think Monza 04 comes to mind, I think he lost some aero components and still came from near the back and scored a podium (memory fuzzy-don't shoot me if I'm wrong). I just don't see how anyone can call him a lucky champion-absolutely ridiculous-the guy obviously has the goods and I like him for that!
  6. It may be that NH and JV had a productive and amicable working relationship whereas the RK/NH relationship is not so smooth. RK has looked a bit c#cky with some of his answers to the media; when asked what he brought to the team that JV didn't he said "pace I guess" - he has yet to prove this convincingly. Despite what the media says, JV enjoyed good relationships with his past 4 teammates being Panis, Button, Massa and Heidfeld. By bringing in RK, MT may be rocking the harmony boat a bit and that can be a major distraction within a team. MT wants his two golden boys to get along and he wants everyone to think they get along-suppose he thinks he looks less of a fool for bringing in RK too early (which he did). My two cents, if anyone really knows what they're talking about please enlighten.
  7. Slow news day for the site! I think Kubica still has a few lessons to learn, he is a rookie after all. One of the first lessons was that your more experienced teammate IS NOT going to let you by when you are racing for position. If he improves like he should next year you may see him consistently outperforming Heidfeld as he is toward the other end of the performance curve. He's good, but I don't exactly see him being the superstar the media is building him up to be. Yes he's occasionally outperforming Nick, but even the lowly JV did that on more that a couple of occasions in 2006 .
  8. Alonso At It Again

    I appreciate Alonso's honesty, he doesn't pretend that the team is more important than his personal ambitions. Give me a break, everyone knows that all a driver wants to do is win the drivers championship and couldn't give a rat's a## about the WCC.
  9. Alonso, Raikonnen Or Neither?

    They are both bloody fast drivers who impress me very often therefore I like both of them. All this other crap about who talks well or poorly or who's a big complainer is completely irrelevant to me. Oh ya, and I've never seen either one do anything dirty on track, someone might correct me on this but nothing springs to mind for me.
  10. You Call Yourself What?

    I laughed and I live in Ottawa! I kinda cringed at the same time (if that is possible)
  11. Webber Regrets Williams Move

    Webber might have done well to have a little chat with Ralf and Monty to see why they were leaving Williams before going there. That, and listening a little bit more to Flav's direction. Anyhow hindsight is 20/20. Had he chosen to go to Renault I suspect he might be in the same boat Fisi was in for the last two years, Alonso is better period.
  12. I don't know about everyone else, but when I heard Fisi was moving to Renault from Sauber a couple of years back I thought finally, Fisi is in more or less a top team and really has a chance to shine. What I didn't expect was him to do so poorly relative to his teammate. I thought before Renault Fisi was quite underrated, now I see he's nothing special, unless the Renault doesn't suit him or he gets inferior equipment?
  13. You Call Yourself What?

    "Fer" is a nickname I got in university. It is actually the last part of my first name Christopher. When I was a toddler a friend of mine, also a toddler, couldn't say "Christopher" and so she called me "Ferfer". She visited me once in university, everyone got drunk that night of course and this story got out. I've been called "Fer" by my university friends ever since. My wife and sister-in-law even call me Fer. Sometimes my wife will call me Fer and my two year old daughter will start playing around and saying it to see what my reaction will be. So there you go!
  14. Hello, Sort A noob Here

    I was reading for about three years before I posted. I had to go to bat for my favourite driver JV when he was dumped by BMW. I miss the JV debates and people like YHR and nojvnf1 who no longer post because JV is gone. It's fun to see two very different points of view arise from viewing the exact same data!! Perception is everything! Welcome to the forum nanbe1st!