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  1. Caption Contest

    When you are drunk, this is what it looks like when you're taking a poo
  2. How Do U Talk 2 Girls

    For a 13, just go to their sporting events or go places with them. Your parents might object for awhile, but mention how they got their mate... Also, humour is huge. Keep a laugh going and don't pull a long lecture. Also pull a prank that makes them laugh every once in awhile. Say they don't like bugs... there you go. You can also act a little different. Get a game going with your GF, my gf and i always hit each other when we see each other in the hall at school
  3. Worst F1 Accident Ever....

    Yeah, it's great that we haven't had a fatality for 12 some years. I think it would just kill F1s image.
  4. Worst F1 Accident Ever....

    Yeah, I was talking about Koiningg, and it's great that no footage is around, seeing as he went through metal barriers, with the top half of him missing. Thanks for the info on Palletti, I thought it looked odd on how he was pushed so far forward. Sad, Sad, Sad Here is a video of the amazing crashes of the 90's. I'm posting it because it shows the changes in the runoff areas, eg Eau Rouge, Interlagos, Monza. In the Rubens one, what were the marshalls thinking, just pushing the car back on the ground, what if he had a spinal injury?
  5. Worst F1 Accident Ever....

    ok, thanks for the info The video that you posted was tragic. The Williamson (something like that) was terrible, with the other driver fighting for him, but nobody would help. The one at the US GP, ugh, I'm glad they didn't have a video of that one, it was horrible. The one after Gilles was odd, with the sudden ignition. At first I thought "how did this guy die" but then the fire.
  6. Worst F1 Accident Ever....

    But the Sato crash was amazing with him surviving. Also, this year at Elkhart Lake for Champ Cart, with Legges crash (im prettty sure thats her), I was there at that race, just down the turn
  7. Worst F1 Accident Ever....

    Shane, both of your vid links are the same, unless I missed something In the Vill. crash, did the marshall die instantly or later? And not to sound like a sicko, but was it the right or left wheel? I'm just curious....
  8. Worst F1 Accident Ever....

    Thanks for the info. Horrible... But, I feel people need to see it, to understand the sport. I saw that crash for the second time in my life last week, I've felt like crap since then.
  9. Does Anyone Who The Songs On The 2005 Gp4 Mega Patch?

    Hey, I don't know the songs, but can you give me a link to the place where you downloaded that patch? Thanks.
  10. Worst F1 Accident Ever....

    He was only 19? I think this is also a horrible wreck, although it is not F1. They seriously need to get the yellow flags out quicker. The video is on the right, the third one down, starts with "A horrible crash..."
  11. Cheers

    Congrats Make sure you get him posting on here as soon as he can spell
  12. Can You Find The Difference?

    I guess the videos don't exactly show what I wanted them to. Still the first one is funny, the slow-mo camera is great
  13. Can You Find The Difference?

    The first one is odd and the second one is kinda lame Although, in the first one, it's funny watching the wheelchair guy as he gets thrown back.
  14. Pics Of U!

    Those rosy cheeks are nice.
  15. This Forum Now Has 1500 Members

    No he's just lonely