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  1. Renault Under Investigation?

    I think Renault F1 will suffer from losing Pat, Imho the man is a genius (crashgate aside).
  2. Evidence Of FIA-Ferrari Connection

    Thanks cavallino! But do you remember when the TC topic was brought up? Which year and if it was "on" or "off" season?
  3. Evidence Of FIA-Ferrari Connection

    Does anyone remember why TC and LC was allowed in F1 again? I think it was after Heinz Harald Frentzen was behind a Ferrari in a race and heard that their engine missfired... back then TC wasnt allowed if my memory doesnt fail me.. And please excuse my bad english school was no good for me =)
  4. It's just fantastic that Christiano has made such a fast recovery! Great news!
  5. Schumi The Great!!!!!

    You are right Urko... and btw I dont think Kimi is as good at developing the car as Michael is/was.
  6. Alonso Penalised For Blocking Massa

    Im not an Alonso fan but I think the penalty was unfair, 0.4 at parabolica sounds a bit too much for me. Massa is just a brick in the Ferrari Schumi game. well well Lets hope we all get a entertaining race tomorrow!
  7. aussief1, wez thanks guys! =)
  8. Hi folks! I got some good news on Da Mattas condition. AUGUST 30, 2006 Major progress for da Matta There is good news from the Theda Clark Medical Center in Neenah, Wisconsin with Champ Car doctor Chris Pinderski telling US reporter Robin Miller that Cristiano da Matta has "turned the corner" and is now making impressive progress in his recovery. It is nearly a month since da Matta collided with a deer while testing at Elkhart Lake and until a few days ago the situation was not looking good. But, according to Pinderski, da Matta is now "doing great" and is able to communicate in two languages but, while still a little confused, is calling his relatives by name and is walking around. Pinderski said that hopefully da Matta will be moving into rehabilitation shortly. source: