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  1. I Guess That'S Finally It Then... Kimi Gone For Good :(

    What if Renault ditch Kubica for Kimi? Kimi - Petrov in Renault for 2011. Kubica would replace Schumacher at Mercedes who will sign out from F1 at the end of this year.
  2. Pre-Season Testing

    that Hamilton is faster than both Kubica and Schumacher, but Renault's race pace looks almost equal to Mercedes
  3. Pre-Season Testing

    Here is my rough race simulation analysis of Schumacher, Kubica and Hamilton. It is based on the last day of Barcelona testing.
  4. How To Watch Bbc Iplayer When Traveling Abroad?

    unfortunately it doesn't work... it tells me to wait 30-45 seconds but nothing ever happens
  5. How can I watch BBC iPlayer when traveling abroad?
  6. Mal. Grand Prix Live ?

    Could somebody please send me an information how I could possibly watch BBC transmission online from outside UK. I would even be happy to pay British tv license for that if it was possible!
  7. Alonso To Bmw?

    last week when Alonso was in Warsaw he said in the interview that if he drove alongside Robert in one team and Robert would have a better chance to become a champion at the end of the season, he would play supporting role for him. He also said that he hopes to drive with him in one team very soon.
  8. Kubica Talking To Honda

    the most recent rumors:,18954,3213_4051823,00.html
  9. Paul Richard Tests

    any news from today?
  10. Itv Live Video

    Do you know any workaround to watch Live Video from website outside UK?
  11. Poll: Robert Kubica

    Before the Qualifying Fernando Alonso said that Kubica is the most exciting talent in current F1. Was he jumping the gun too?
  12. Bahrain Gp Quali

    Yes! Kubica!
  13. Australia Practice

    Kubica's time from practice3 is 0.5s faster than last year pole positon of Kimi Raikkonen. I am very excited
  14. Watching F1 Online?

    hey, all people from UK can watch F1 online for free here: but what if I go abroad?
  15. Kubica Vs. Heidfeld

    what's your comment on the difference in testing pace in the new car?