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  1. Vettel Passing Str Under Yellow Flags

    You seem to have forgotten something: Schumacher was in between Vettel and Vergne, so a penalty of 20s results in P8 for Vettel, and the tittle would go to Alonso by one point.
  2. So now my questions are irrelevant? It was the whole point, to talk about racing. You are the one diverting the discussion to my spelling skills. So, I see you refuse to answer, but do not worry, we don’t need you too as the whole world knows the answers. Do I feel inspired by "Newey/Vettel, the youngest 3 times consecutive champion ever"? Nope. But this does do it for me: Yes, it is Alonso in Hungary 20006 (Before DRS and blown diffusers), and the red car being passed on the outside is Schumacher (Before DRS and blown diffusers). Show me anything even close to it from Vettel and I will have a new found respect for him, maybe even feel inspired. And by the way, had Petrov done in Abu Dhabi what your great Schumacher did on Sunday, Newey/Vettel wouldn’t even have the three world championships that inspire you so much.
  3. Yes, yes, whatever dude, but when you are done cleaning the mess in your bed from your wet dreams, pls answer the questions.
  4. profound? not at all; besides the point? entirely. I do not think i was disputing that fact that Vettel won; nor that nobody will care about who came second in 2012 ten years from now... however, asking you to follow a path of logical reasoning appears utterly pointless. your being unable to recognise facts staring you at the face says a lot about you. lets try again, could answer these simple questions for me? How many drivers moved out of the way in Brazil to let Vettel through? and Alnso? How did Vettel and Alonso compare in GPs where it reined this year? take your time
  5. Webber? Shumacher? Toro Rossos stumbling over each other to see who gets out of the way quicker? whatever you want to believe, but the informed opinion has a clear view on who the better driver was this year; and it is not even close. You know well your brat child of a driver owes his titles to Newey... if not, let us know how he did against Alonso when the car didnt matter, i.e it rained... thought so, not even close.
  6. Do you mean like the fact that Vettel needed not one but three teammates plus and overrated old glory racing for him and letting him by to beat Alonso? I think he forgot to mention that...
  7. What a sad posting, It must have been frustration emanating from the the sight of your once beloved Schumacher pulling aside and rolling out the red carpet to let Vettel pass on lap 62 that must have led you to starting this post. Really, that is what I call ending a brilliant comeback in a high note. Is that what Schumacher came back for? Definitely, I do not know what else he will be remembered for over this past three years. What it makes me wonder is what on earth makes Schumacher so obviously take sides for Vettel in this story? Can it be resentment for that 130R pass that you mention? Or maybe it is the fact that Alonso is the only driver to easily beat Schumacher on equal machinery and put an end to 7 world championships, sending him home, where by the way he should have stayed for the past three years? What a pathetic revenge but nothing else to be expected from such a sour looser. Right up there with his superior parking skills in the tight corners of Rascasse… And by the way, for you to mention Massa’s favors to Alonso over the past few races, but fail to even notice the fact that Red Bull actually raced three cars in support of Vettel in Abu Dhabi and yesterday, is probably an indication that you had your head way too high in your own rear to actually watch any racing and that you were only waiting for Alonso to loose take a cheap shoot at him... Tell me, had you written all that before the race started? Did you bother to actually watch this or, now that you mention it, any of other races in the rain this past year? Enough said. Too much time wasted with you.
  8. Alonso - The Most Undeserving Champion Ever?

    For Webber to win the WDC all he need to do today was to out qualify his team mate. He didn't. He is in the best car and sitting 5th so he hardly deserves it. Red Bull has had plenty of opportunity to bring the championship home since Germany, which was 8 races ago! All that has happened here is that Red Bull has had its a## handed to it but a better more focused team and driver... The whole debate is absurd.
  9. Ferrari Keeps _Smiling_

    I guess the answer to your question is not as many as for a controversy involving Hamilton. Wasn't it him who overtook the safety car? Wasn't it him who ran out of gas before reaching the pits? How many times has the FIA said this year that it is OK for Hamilton to break the rules, but that there will be sanctions for the next one that behaves like him...
  10. Dod Monaco

    Who gives a Sh#t about what that German dude did in 2006? Didn't he end up loosing the title to that other guy you claim cannot drive? He should have stayed retired.
  11. Hamilton Vs Vettel, See The Video

    I will take Maure's side and even take matters a sep (or two) further. 1. Vettel overtakes Hamilton: It is clear Hamilton blows at when it mattered most (just like last year) 2. All the computing power in the world cannot predict , at the time Vettel passes Hamilton, that Hamilton would pass Glock. If anything, computers would have shown a 1000 different possible outcomes and no evidence that racing Glock was a better strategy with LESS risk than racing Vettel 3. It is amazing to see how McLaren always spins the press (see The Times on how the strategy was devised with 5 laps to go over at Woking and related back to Interlagos via a secure communication network) and comes up with stupid stories to cover up for Hamilton's mistakes 4. Point 3 can only be explained by McLaren still trying find excuses to cover up for their fundamental mistake to support Hamilton over Alonso, who they know was the better driver of the two 5. They have been doing this since Monaco last year when Hamilton started the war against Alonso by claiming that he would have passed him if it wasn't for team orders, despite of Alonso racing most of the race with the rev limiter on... 6. Hamilton started the war because he knew that the team and the british press would always support him since there was more money to be made in the cinderella story of the outspoken black british kid than in that of the boring hard working spaniard 7. The fact remains that afer all this, the kid that is to be compared to Senna, Woods or Ali, blows it every-time things get really the season get on the line...
  12. 2008 Singapore Grand Prix

    After today's race one has to wonder what Ferrari is waiting for to sign Alonso? Please get it done so we can get what we are all waiting for: Hamilton - Alonso head to head on comparable cars... Would be such a treat to watch...
  13. La Qualy Del Gp De Espa

    well they (McLaren) certainly felt confident after the first race. What was the comment again after Hamilton won? 15 like this one? Or something like that...? They did not see this one coming,did they? If they do not improve soon, firing Alonso will come down as one of the biggest blunders in F1 history? But just barely over the ridiculous performance of last year and the way in which the gave away the title away to Ferrari... Way to Mclaren!!!!
  14. La Qualy Del Gp De Espa

    he may be a bit lighter, but do take a look at q2 times, when everybody is light and you will see he is not far off the pace...
  15. It is all very simple,really. Mclaren supported the wrong guy last year, he messed it up and they paid for it. Not happy with that, they supported the wrong guy for the future and they are starting to find out the magnitude of their mistake. As such, they need to cover up their massive f-up, which de facto implies Hamilton can and will never do anything wrong and that the team will cover for him (see the front wing bs). But while the mistakes by the sensational Hamilton keep piling up, The Times just finds it appropriate to run a story comparing him to Tiger Woods!!!! It is all a pathetic and massive marketing plot.