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  1. Lewis Suffers In Spain.

    Racism is a big problem in Spain. Its far too deep rooted. Just watch some football matches involving Madrid, Zaragoza, Valencia etc. and you'll hear various forms of racial abuse. Sickening really. Nothings ever done. There will be all sorts of threats thrown around for a week and then everything will be forgotten.
  2. The Australian Open 2008

    Great to see Novak win although Tsonga would have been just as deserving. Two new faces.... finally. Stunning performances from both in the Semis ... they absolutely thrashed Federer and Nadal resepctively. Seeing Federer win all the time was getting too repetitive. Nadal and Novak both have more charisma than Roger. Its still too early to say that Roger's domination has ended but its comforting to know that several players have caught up.
  3. Dear Lord, Lewis Has Got To Go...

    I. Abhor. Him.
  4. Favourite Sports People

    F1: Kimi Raikkonen, Nick Heidfeld Football: Pavel Nedved, Del Piero, Buffon NFL: Ben Roethlisberger, Willie Parker, Hines Ward, Troy Polamalu UFC: Georges St. Pierre, Joe Stevenson, Wanderlei Silva, Matt Hughes, Rashad Evans, Nick Diaz. Tennis: Novak Djokovic, Andy Rodd#ck, Nadal. Moto GP: Rossi *not mentioning any older heroes since the list will go on forever.
  5. Is It Time Mclaren Mercedes Pulled Out Of F1

    If that means we won't be seeing Ron's bald head sandwiched between pit-lane headphones couple of dozen times a race then YAY! Anyway...they will still be the gray, boring team with the personality of a corpse.
  6. Schumi The Taxi Driver

    Schumi is really missing racing isn't it? ... pouncing on every opportunity to get behind the wheel.
  7. Lewis Likes His Fruit.

    Not everything someone posts needs to be useful or reasonable. Not everything needs to be debated. Everyone has an opinion and calling someone immature and maintaining a "better than thou" attitude gets annoying very quickly. Get off the pedestal. Its only a forum. This thread is about what the little prick does with fresh produce. Doesn't need rationality.
  8. Would You Hire Alonso?

    Tough call but I'll have to say no. His skill and talent isn't worth the perennial PMS.
  9. Hamilton Dating Pussycat Doll - Nicole Scherzinger

    Well, it does look like they share the same lipstick.
  10. An Inky Iceman?

    He got it recently. April i think.
  11. Schumacher Shines In Motogp Test

    Speeds in his DNA. 5 seconds slower than Dani's time is amazing considering its a one off test. Imagine if he tested all winter; he'd be pretty close to the front-runners.
  12. Michael Schumacher In F2007

    its Campioni. Champions like Jez stated. Beautiful pics. Thanks
  13. - source: F1-Live.comIts funny to see F1 bosses chiming in with the obvious after the years of bashing Ferrari received for setting a No.1 status. Lets see how many more top F1 teams carry on with the "Just let them race!" policy. I say bring team orders back. Its silly to "ban" team orders when you can easily manipulate the result without being blatant.
  14. Michael Schumacher In F2007

    Gotta love Massa's jacket.
  15. Mosley Admits Fiarrari Is Special For The Fia

    oooo.... im scared. Call mommy next time.