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  1. Dear Lord, Lewis Has Got To Go...

    Disclaimer- been watching f1 since 2003 and have only read up on the technical data as it applies to the cars.. not so much the rules of the teams so I apologize if this is an idiotic idea/question (or if it has been asked before): All this business about who is the "#1" driver is getting to be crazy
  2. Japanese 2007 Race Thread

    wow.... Anyhow, Massa is out of the points... since Ferrari has the WCC he should committ to taking Lewis out of the next two races so Ferrari can get both WCC and WDC and allow the ZOMGTEHCHEATING drama saga to continue. Ya, i'm bored... back to financials!
  3. Mclaren Fined $100million.........

    Posting in a Legendary Thread. Too hard to say whether tiz fair or not. If i knew someone had an advantage over me, and i had the key to it, i'd peek and test to see if it gives me an advantage (do it all the time in Final Fantasy XI YES I BOT). Heck when i was in Marching band those 10 yrz ago, i always went to see what our Rivals were doing on their field. At the same time, cheat is cheating if you get caught... shoulda done a better job on not getting caught McLaren... BUT YOU DID SO OWNED IN THE FACE!
  4. The One And Only Mclaren Contraversy Thread

    Why can't they all just get along =/ anyone see JPM get into it with that other driver this past weekend hahaha. haven't seen it yet but i heard its something worth tubing (can't tube @ work =/)
  5. Mclaren Hits Back

    Sheesh... that was quite a read. I feel for both teams. This situation is causing me heart burn, can't imagine what it's doing to the drivers. It's hard for me to draw an opinion on what should happen. I think Ferrari would be leading if they didn't have to get rid of the flooring device, although NOW illegal. All teams will push the envelope, so i feel that the whole "ZOMG they're Fuxxing HAxx0rz!!" is a moot point. Meh, both teams should ban stepy and couly from F1, and then stfu. This is an awesome ShampionChip we have going on this year, and it's outcome isn't yet tainted (unless they find Ferrari parts on a McClaren)!
  6. What Would Have Lewis Hamilton Done If ... ?!

    Hamilton is the best rookie ever. If team and skill remains consistent... he has the potential to be the best driver ever. If you're suggesting putting all named drivers in, well a spiker and letting them run for who has the best time on a course that none of them have ever seen before or have had the opportunity to develope a strategy and all they get is 3 laps around it... then IDFK, because that would be a hard decision. I'm a Kimi fan... so this post hurts. kkthxbye.
  7. What Is The Worst Circuit?

    Hit the nail on the head. I love that flat out banked turn. I was there in 2004 to see Schumacher slam into the wall RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY SEAT! One of the more awesome things that i have witnessed in my 25 years of life. I voted Monte Carlo... this is racing on racing circuits, not cover-girl turning on a CAT WALK. you better work... turn it to the left.. WORK... now turn it to the right... WORK... sa-sha', shon-te' or some shyt like that.
  8. What's Wrong With Bar-honda ?

    [email protected] sucessful atempt i'd hit it np , but still doesn't make her less chunky to me!!!
  9. What's Wrong With Bar-honda ?

    That chick in your sig is chunky
  10. What's Wrong With Bar-honda ?

    Their Aerotunnel says one thing, the drivers say another. Maybe the tunnel sensors have wassabie in them causing wrong readings. Also, I think the cars are terrorist bred too. You have a picture of the world on the car, and then the engine blows up... might be getting their products from Iraq or something.
  11. Best & Worst Rookie Driver This Season?

    I lol'd
  12. Best & Worst Rookie Driver This Season?

  13. Best & Worst Rookie Driver This Season?

    Heiki is the suk. Suti has more of an excuse with his car getting fuxx0red in every race. LH HK
  14. Who Will Be 2007 F1 Champ?

    What is the pole @ atm i haven't voted yet kekeke waiting till after Cata (*^-')b
  15. Kubeeeetza's Quandry

    poor guy, not only does he have a funny looking head, his car is fuxx0ring him... but not by much it seems. I mean they didn't really make any adjustments on the car in the last week and it was still damn competitive. He'll bounce back np.