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  1. Pick The Pole And Podium (ppp)

    Yeah i'm currently leading going into the last race, fingers crossed I can win! (Proof below that I am 9-Ball)
  2. Kimi Wins The Wdc!!!!!!!!!!!

    Superb! GET IN!! Well done Kimi, really deserved it.
  3. Ode To The Humble Lewis Hamilton

    Isn't all Lewis.... http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/motorsport...one/7022171.stm
  4. Fantasy Football

    whykickamoocow FC is currently #1 in the world! It must be the ykickamoocow of these forums as this guy is from Australia. If it is, congratulations! Being #1 ahead of over a million players is some achievement!!! *Sorry my mistake. I was talking about this fantasy football: www.fantasy.premierleague.com
  5. Woooooohooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great to see another British driver in F1,we're taking over!Good luck to Hamilton at McLaren,I hope he does well!
  6. 2007 Mclaren

    Yes I was going to say I'd thought that the BMW car would be designed around Kubica,as he is their future prospect.
  7. F1 Quiz

    That Koenigsegg super car?
  8. Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday mate
  9. 2007 Season Predictions

    You missed out Robert Kubica and put Ralf Schumacher twice *Edit Was mentioned in previous post
  10. 2007 Season Predictions

    I've been supporting Kimi for the last couple of years and I really hope he gets the title this year, he really deserves it! So Kimi for WDC and my constructor predictions: 1st-Ferrari(Led by Raikonnen) 2nd-McLaren(Led by Alonso) 3rd-BMW(Led by Kubica ) 4th-Honda(Led by Button) 5th-Renault(Led by .... no one!)
  11. F1 Quiz

    Just a guess but i'm going with Brabham?
  12. Who Will Get The 2nd Mclaren Seat For 2007?

    I think Hamilton will get the seat,Pedro I don't think has race winning caliber.Also I doubt Paffett will get the seat so my votes with Hamilton.
  13. What Car Would You Buy?

    I would buy an Ariel Atom or Caterham then race them round Goodwood.I'm lucky as I only live about 5 miles away from the circuit!
  14. Kimi Or Fernando, Your Choice

    I'd pick Fernando,in my opinion I think he's the better driver out of the two.
  15. I don't think Williams will lead the championship,but with new Toyota engines I think they shall finish better than they did this season.Perhaps top 5 in the constructors behind BMW,Ferrari,McLaren and Renault.