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  1. Webber Regrets Williams Move

    Whatever. I can't quite figure out why any one would want to insist that a Greek name is Egytian because that's the first place they heard of it in assoication with, but you can hold whatever opinion you want.
  2. Webber Regrets Williams Move

    Michael is not a Hebrew name - it may have a origin in Hebrew, but "Michael" is English just as Michelle is Italian and Mikhail is the Russian version. In exactly the same way "Ptolemy" is Greek name. Martians could choose to call themselves Schumacher, it wouldn't make them German. You may wish to argue the Ptolemaic dynasties are Egyptian because they are located in Egypt, but you may as well claim the the current Islamic culture is the same as the ancient one because if it's location. To say that a culture is determined by which "Chronicles" it occurs is utterly fatuous - unless you come from some Tolkienesque world. If you wish ascribe the Ptolemaic dynasty to some chapter it would be included in the successor states - which are all Greek, and geographically cover the area from Epirus to India - and that's not cross-referenced in anyway.
  3. Webber Regrets Williams Move

    Now that is a good question. I'm assuming they have US passports (are they allowed to travel abroad? presumably they don't fly), yet they have a distinct culture that is obviously diffent to the US as a whole. I would describe them as Amish.
  4. Webber Regrets Williams Move

    Do you mean this?First of the term "quite pure" is more than a little worrying. But with regard to Americans generally, quite clearly America has it's own culture that is a consequence of a melding of various immigrant groups and a range of African cultures. This culture is related to, but has obvious differences to to the cultures that gave rise to it. G.W. is a product of that American culture. He is American. The Ptolemies, on the other hand, held onto their Greek culture. G.W. bush speaks (if that's the term for the appalling drivel that comes from his mouth) English. English is the first language of the country he comes from. If he lived in America but spoke Russian as his first language, founded a Russian library, encouraged Russian scholars to come and study in Russian, gave his children Russian names and regarded Russia as his home I wouldn't say he was American. ++++ Edit People may consider Ptolemy to be an Egytian name, but it's Greek. The name Michael is English. It can be used by Germans, Poles, Danes or Inuit, but it's still English. Someone once told me the Colossus of Rhodes straddled the harbour and provided the evidence to support this claim of "everyone knows that" - everyone may think the moon is made of cheese - this doesn't make it so. He may have put Egypt to the forefront of his mind, but it was a Greco-Egypt that had its place in a Hellenic empire.
  5. Webber Regrets Williams Move

    On the origin of the name Ptolemy, it's Greek. On the national identity of Ptolemaios Sator he was Macedonian-Greek. He wasn't Egyptian of Greek descent - he went to school with Alexander the Great! Technically he was Macedonian, but by that time the Macedonians had completely adopted classical Greek culture, although the Greeks considered them less than Greek the Macedonians didn't. He may have died in Egypt, but Nelson died at sea - that doesn't make him a fish. As for the Ptolemaic dynasty they were basically Greek with elements of Egyptian culture acquired over three centuries . Under the Ptolemies Alexandria became the centre of learning - in the Greek world. They spoke Greek. They had Greek culture. They had Greek names. They were Greek. The king and his consort claimed to be descendants of Osiris and Isis, but I suspect that wasn't actually true and was just a ploy to control the locals. They obviously picked up elements of Egyptian culture, but I wear jeans, it doesn't make me American. With regard to Roman Britain they had Roman government - in Rome. The people happily embraced Roman culture, including the language, at the same time abandoning their own culture. If you look at the archaeological discoveries huge amounts of Samian ware (pottery) show up from even before Claudius arrived and the amount of locally made pottery declines very rapidly until there is absolutely none after a century or so. The people were so dependent upon Rome they stopped making their own cups. Although some British deities were identified and merged with Roman gods (Sullis Minerva) there were huge Roman temples in the cities. They even abandoned their own gods. The Britons held themselves so firm in their blessed isles that after the legions withdrew the Britons sent a letter begging for them to come back and defend them from the barbarians. They were told to "look to their own defences" in 410 CE and within a century and a half the Anglo-Saxons had overrun nearly all of what would become England. ++++++ What? And I had no idea Austria had such a small population - apparently it's just over 8 million - but I believe the reasoning holds firm if the example doesn't.
  6. Webber Regrets Williams Move

    Red Bull may be massive - although opinion on this forum seems to vary - but that doesn't mean they aren't trying to increase their market share. I'm not saying the being Australian is an advantage in F1, but Webber's CV is less than impressive and he's manged to get a (potentially) better drive than his results suggest he should. WHat I am saying is that if Red Bull can then utilise their new signing to promote their product in the driver's home nation this is an asset in the driver's favour. An additional few million
  7. Webber Regrets Williams Move

    I prefer beer to Red Bull, actually I prefer beer to just about anything. I think RB a bit cynical in their endless self publicising of their product. One one hand they say "Don't drink alcohol and just get wasted - get energised and do something". If that doesn't work they try "Red Bull and vodka" approach - get wasted and energised. Suppose they don't care as long as people buy the product.
  8. Webber Regrets Williams Move

    I'd still be willing to bet a large sum of money that RB are actively trying to get people to buy their product. Either in place of alcohol, or with it.
  9. Webber Regrets Williams Move

    Then why do they have an advertising campaign?
  10. Webber Regrets Williams Move

    I'm having a little difficulty following this. Are you suggesting there's no money in or around F1?
  11. Webber Regrets Williams Move

    You're talking about kids. I'm not. Besides, what's Australia's popilation 22 million, 25? What's the age demographic? Lots of "kids" (under 30s) looking for energy for an out door life. According to your info "here" is India????
  12. Webber Regrets Williams Move

    Surely that would raise sales then. But I'd guess that Red Bull really to try aim at a more adult market - they're the people with money. Get the Aussie blokes of the beer and on to RB. Pubs are a big part of Aussie life (or they were when I was there) and a bit of customer indentification with "top bloke Webbo" might put a few dollars in Red Bull's pockets.
  13. Webber Regrets Williams Move

    So that means they are looking to raise their profile and increase sales. I'm sure Webbo driving a big Red Bull can (or probably talking to reporters in the pit lane wearing the overalls by lap 35) has the same result, and proably works out cheaper - tv air time is very expensive, while they've got Webber to wave their flag for a whole season.
  14. Webber Regrets Williams Move

    Your comment about Speed and marketing may also explain Webber's signing. How big is Red Bull in Oz, and are they looking for a higher profile?
  15. Webber Regrets Williams Move

    Yes, but if they're not progressing to the big boys team where are they supposed to go? Stay at TR until retirement? I had assumed that TR drivers would do a year - either shine and move up or disappear to be replaced by a new hotshot. Instead it's Liuzzi and Speed (what an inappropriate name) again. Of course my surprise is based on my apparently erroneous assumption, but I'm still surprised they didn't promote from the junior team instead of choosing Webbo (sounds like an Aussie version of Spiderman).