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  1. Kimi To Retire In 2009????

    Kimi shall win.
  2. Who's At Your Dinner Party?

    My good man, you can come too! I simply pulled names at random.
  3. Your Desktops

    And no thoughts for the courageous photographer that had to snap the shot? He must have been directly in front of that Cortina!
  4. Who's At Your Dinner Party?

    1) Jenson_Rules 2) Pumpdoc 3) devilsinskirts 4) Loser Boy 5) monza gorilla
  5. Where Is Socrates?

    And a fine dinner it was. Lovely conversation. I am still here, merely reading the posts these days. Never fear, the Hemlock is safe on my shelf, not in my belly.
  6. Lukiest Driver To Win A Wdc

    did sakon yamamoto finish a grand prix?
  7. Webbo Slams Schumi!

    What caused more fans to turn away from the sport, Michael's impact with Jacques or Ferrari's dominance? What brought the sport into more disrepute, Michael parking his car in Monaco or the unending changes to the qualifying format? Many of Michael Schumacher's more questionable acts happened in a decade ripe with such acts so it is doubtful that his alone would degrade the sport. Do not the acts of such individuals highlight those of the more noble? Like a good play, Formula One needs it's heros and it's villians. Formula One is lucky to have one such player that is both hero and villian.
  8. BMW Announces Drivers For 2007

    A strong line-up.
  9. US Style Safety Cars?......and other political rants.

    Questions result in answers but what is the result of hate? The FIA is comprised of representative of all nations with motorsports activity. Surely the US representation is less than the rest of the world's representation? If this is true, then a body of mostly non-US persons has decided to use a US safety car procedure. If everything in US motorsports is bad, why would Europeans look to it for a new rule?
  10. Dissection Of A Rookie

    Worth is determined by points and championship standings. What is Kubica's worth? The son can only emulate the father. What was Keke's worth? Graham's? No active American driver could have done better than Scott Speed this season.
  11. Brazil - Qualifying

    Only a DNF can prevent this.
  12. I Have Arrived

    What satisfies a pig? The nature of man never changes. I only have infinite questions. I have read your postings, sir. Often, a question answers the harshest critics. You understand my method well. We shall see. Thank you all for the welcome.
  13. I Have Arrived

    A hearty hello to you all!
  14. Lukiest Driver To Win A Wdc

    Why, I would say all of them! Every last one of them had tremendous luck! It's a requirement, you see, for becoming a World Champion.