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  1. Mclaren Stealing Ferrari Secrets?

    Well, most patent publications in the world are about those solutions. US patent court has actually in the 70's described what is patentable as follows: ' anything under the sun made by man'. That is pretty general expression, isn't it? By the way, I read somewhere that FIA is accusing Mclaren of 'infringing the F1 rules'. I suppose the ipr protection issue is described in those rules quite strictly, that's why they don't have to make separate patent applications about everything. Those rules can of course also be quite strict, I would't be surprised if Mclaren drives loose some championship points...
  2. Mclaren Stealing Ferrari Secrets?

    IPR doesn't mean only car parts, but also technical solutions included into designs. So, if those solutions (they can be also called 'inventions') are included into rival car, that is ipr infringement as well. And when a person leaves into other team, he certainly can't take those inventions with him. There is also special law against that kind of activity. If any additional agreements are not made, law says that worker is not allowed to talk about those inventions during the period of 2 years. But normally companies make special agreements, where that time period is continued for lifetime. (this is the law in europe, but also in USA there are quite similar methods).
  3. Mclaren Stealing Ferrari Secrets?

    Not necessarily. It is possible to make agreements, where those ownerships are forwarded to other partners. I am an ipr lawyer by profession, so at least I SHOULD know about this issue...
  4. Mclaren Stealing Ferrari Secrets?

    That is certainly true. However, F1-world is very different when compared to 'normal corporations'. The design cycle is impossibly fast, and there are so many contractors / subcontractors involved in car design, that they really must have made their own rules, how to handle the ipr problems. And the law actually allows that, any company can do that. I have also tried to find out the patent publications considering F1 area, but it seems to be almost impossible to find any. Which means, of course, that there must be some other 'silent agreements' considering this area. This area actually interests me also professionally.
  5. Mclaren Stealing Ferrari Secrets?

    It is not just about copying parts from one car to another, but about the technical solutions. Every car designer is struggling with the same problems, considering aerodynamics, heat dissipation, strengthness of the body parts etc... When they see the pictures of rival car, they very fast understand, what are the technical solutions used to these common problems, and they certainly can take advantage of those solutions, they don't just have to copy exactly the same parts to their car... Those solutions to the common problems are the most valuable part of the design drawings, they are the output of the long-term design efforts of Ferrari, and Mcralen certainly knows how to benefit from them.
  6. Mclaren Stealing Ferrari Secrets?

    Of course it is obvious. The yet unconfirmed rumour tells, that those documents actually include COMPLETE DESIGN DRAWINGS of the ferrari car. This means, that those documents include most of the long-period work Ferrari has done. When Mclaren got this kind of information, they also stole months of design efforts of their rival team. It is enormous benefit, worth of hundreds of millions of dollars. And when we are talking about intellectual property, we must remember that IPR laws consider normal companies in general society. It is different issue, when we are talking about specific, closed high-tech F1 environment. There is no restriction, that Formula one could't define their own regulations considering stealing IPR from other team. If they deside to ban a team, that has stolen all the design documents of other team's car, they certainly can do it.
  7. Mclaren Stealing Ferrari Secrets?

    yep, it is obvious that they couldn't just COPY Ferrari solutions to their car. It would be too easy to notice. It is also abvious, anyway, that those Ferrari documents have given them enormous benefits, because they include most of the development work Ferrari has done during off-season and beyound.
  8. Mclaren Stealing Ferrari Secrets?

    Just think about the laws of probability... how easy it is to steal and how hard it is to notice that kind of action. Especially when there seems to be very near contacts between some key personnels of the teams.
  9. Mclaren Stealing Ferrari Secrets?

    Kimi was lucky to leave Mclaren... after this they will be probably banned... I am sure this is not the only time they have stolen information, just the only time they have got caught.
  10. Who Will End Crashing In The Famous Canadian Wall?

    Ah, those crying twins of Mclaren...
  11. So Err Can We Let That One Rest Now?

  12. So Err Can We Let That One Rest Now?

    Are you sure Schumacher's contribution is that important... I guess it is more like with the other old champions, they keep hanging around, because have nothing else to do. I guess Kimi has done as much or more that Massa to test and develope the car this season, so there shouldn't be much complaining in that area. And when it comes to speed, the difference is couple of tenths to Massa. Taken Kimi has developed the car couple of months and Massa many years with his engineers, the difference is not very big.
  13. Ferrari F2007 Has Become Faster....

    Well they did some research in this area. As a result they hired Kimi...
  14. Ferrari F2007 Has Become Faster....

    That is true, if he can be avoid mistakes and be no. 2 often enough. Would that be by the way his first constructors' championship?
  15. Be Really Scared He'll Be Back.

    You have a point here, of course. However, what makes me very hopeful is, that even though Kimi said before Bahrain, that because he gets full-powered engine he will hopefully be competent, it was only a WISH from him, nothing proved. Now the situation is different: Kimi has tested new setup and it is a proved fact that the new setup fits for him very well. So, we don't have to hope that the change in question would be a step forward, but it has already been proved in practice, that he is fast again.