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  1. INCORRECT reporting

    OFF Topic but seems to me YOU are the only person on this Forum................... Guess all the others have left owing to the boredom of F1 :-)
  2. Jeremy Clarkson's Rant

    The best bit of "WHAT IS WRONG WITH FORMULA 1 " that I have ever heard and I 100% agree with him
  3. Initial thoughts

    and after seeing this new debacle in .... Where was it place........... I am glad I have given up this circus to view
  4. Initial thoughts

    I have done that and I must say I do not have any withdrawal symptoms LOL
  5. Initial thoughts

    yep remember that race... NOBODY complained because it was called RACING. not bloody team principals ego destroying s##t.. Dosen't matter I have saved myself $29 / month by cancelling my floxtel sports package here in aus. I have been frustrated with F1 for way too long. Time to watch paint dry I think.....
  6. Initial thoughts

    Hear what your saying mate ..... If this little episode of favoritism, to the point of ruining a great race does not spell the death nell of F1 than I do not know what will. They have shot both barrels into both feet this time
  7. Initial thoughts

    Does it really matter about the rule being abused or not. The REAL outcome of this stupidity is a great race totally ruined..... I have been an F1 fan for as long as it has been on TV and becoming more and more frustrated by these rules to the point I CANCELLED my Foxtel sport pay to view tv straight after this debacle. I do not need the frustration at 72 yrs of age !!!!!!!!
  8. KIMI

    Mate I just like the way he just does the job, hates the interviewers, just shows what he can do on track. Wish there were more like him.
  9. KIMI

    My favorite driver, WHY? Well off all the 19 other guys on the grid he is always the coolest (Apart from when he gets agitated on the radio) and without a doubt one of the fastest guys on the track which he seems to achieve with little fuss, no after the race bulls##t and I did love that little guy who cried when Kimi was knocked off the track, so sweet of Kimi to befriend the kid, you could see that he really did care for the kid. Just a GREAT ambassador for the sport of F1
  10. KIMI

    well you must read different info to me !!!!! I thought Kimi was going to Sauber for 2019 ??????
  11. K E R

    Can some of you Guru's explain to me the way that the teams may recouver and use this Kenetic Energy Recouvery system as proposed for next year? I understand that it will be only associated with the REAR brakes, not the front, so what can one achieve from this heat input? I have had this idea that maybe by using the Gas that is used in Air Conditioners, with it's expansion rate etc that this maybe a way to "power up " a flywheel !!!
  12. Alonso

    Am I missing something here ???? Like Alonso has won 2 GP titles ok but like does this make him the best driver in the world ? IMHO he is washed up in F1, like all he could do was complain about Honda, when it appears to me that maybe it was NOT Honda at fault when they were with McLaren but Mclaren themselves as Honda seems to be heading in the right direction with Toro Rosso. Personally if Alonso goes to whatever other form of racing would make me happy. He just seems to be a bloody winger that will never be happy unless the spotlight is on him !!!!
  13. HALO

    What is everyones thoughts on this Halo thing. I have some doubts about it's effectiveness and also the Crash aspects of the whole thing. At the moment the top of the tub and the roll over bar protect the driver, but as this HALO is bolted, or it appears that way, to the tub what will stop it from being ripped off in a severe roll over and becoming more of a projectile to wipe out the drivers head ???
  14. A good read..... AJ

    Hi Guys if you want a good book to read check out "AJ" from Alan Jones ex formula 1 champion. A no holes barred to the point excellent book that I have got from Amazon on Kindle. If you are a motor racing fan, like me, you will love it
  15. Austria

    either way it did not make any difference to the race outcome, Bottas just drove a superb race well done and I did love the camaraderie in the drivers get together after the race before the presentation. Something that does not happen when the almighty (in his mind) HAMMY is there :-(
  16. Austria

    for mine Bottas was just "SWITCHED ON" well done as was the replay showing Alonso getting off the grid pretty fast.
  17. Austria

    Bottas was deemed by a few drivers for jumping the start, which was latter refuted by the stewards. But it showed him having a .2 sec delay after the start. I watch the top a fuellers and they can have a .005 second delay so .2 is slow by those standards :-)
  18. Russian GP

    Was that a RACE ?????? only parts worth watching was Vettell trying to catch Botas and HAMMY complaining !!!!
  19. Alonso Moving On

    And we all know nothing sticks to teflon , even S--))(*%$T :-)
  20. Alonso Moving On

    WHY does everyone think that Alonso is so GREAT ???? Like what has he achieved to be so high up on the pedestal that other drivers have achieved ?
  21. my guess is :- 1. Ricci 2. Vettel 3. Bottas
  22. Who will be on the 3 steps in Melbourne

    I didn't know Kimi was Australian
  23. Testing - or the lack of it

    I wonder about the stupidity of this winter testing that we currently have ? This year we have new rules covering aerodynamics / engine mods / new tyres / and I suspect a completely different package as far as the driver is concerned yet the teams have this limited time for ON ROAD testing prior to the opening of this CIRCUS that is supposed to thrill the paying patrons yet some of the teams appear to be so unprepared !! It will not only be an embarrassment for say McLaren if the reliability/power of their car shows it's ugly head at Melbourne, but will be one less competitive car that the fans can barrack for and lets face it WITHOUT fans this circus is DEAD. The TV audience has been dwindling over the years and it appears that bums on seats at the track is likewise dwindling, so WHY is the circus prepared to offer up sub standard not properly developed machinery at a race meeting and why are those in control of this circus prepared to allow it to happen ???? climbing off my soapbox now :-)
  24. Cosworth back

    I sure would love to see Cosworth back on the grid with a very competitive engine, which we all know they can build, given enough money. Just the recovery system that would pose a bit of a problem I suspect, but as for power out of the ICE I am sure they would surpass Merc.
  25. Testing - or the lack of it

    Heard from the commentary that a lot of the bigger teams did hugs numbers of race length runs during the testing days. From memory some of the teams did 50 odd race distances. I guess if this is the case then there probably is no need for extra testing times.