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  1. So YOU, were saying? Webber will re-sign with RBR
  2. One for the memories. I was never really into Kimi - but this video makes me think is was an alright bloke....
  3. Heidfield is an OK driver. Respectable but nothing outstanding. He inherited 3rd from Alonso (possibly Hamilton, possibly Webber - no KERS). Two podiums in two races for Renault. But my guess is that there are no more podiums for Renault 2011 unless there are major issues with the big 3 teams.
  4. Name Vettel'S 2011 Car

    Flexible Fiona Cos she has a flexi front end!
  5. Yeah - that is typical Kimi behaviour. He just does what he bloody well wants..... but NASCAR Trucks? That is too hill-billy for me - no offense to any US NASCAR Truck lovin fans out there (or to any hill-billies)
  6. The Comedy Club

    I am a fan of Izzard and this is THE funniest of his sketches!!!
  7. NASCAR is one thing, but NASCAR Trucks! - The guy went from the absolute top of the pinnacle of motorsports (eating icecream on a luxury liner in Monte Carlo bay during Monaco GP) to driving freaking utes around in circles in the desert. Sh*t man - I wonder if he has regrets not coming back last year. He would had a good year this year at Renault if he made a return..... Sad, so sad....
  8. Fernando So Not Full Of Grace

    I think it is a bit of both. One could say: In "his" experience of "his" erections, they are into grannies.
  9. Rbr Cheats

    My point exactly. The video evidence just can't be ignored. Watch it again and tell me you don't see something sus! I agree with most of you that the RB7 is TOTALLY LEGAL. It's just that Whiting and his crew are getting old and can't be bothered anymore! There has to be a better way of testing these damn things. Hanging bricks from a front wing just won't cut it anymore!
  10. Yes, this is true. Some people do this. However, some people are better able to extrapolate future events using very little present information.
  11. F1 Round Two - Malaysia

    With the heavy rain expected, I predict there will be some crazy results. My prediction : 1. Alonso 2. Rosberg 3. Button 4. STR car (Buemi or Algae) 5. Schuey RBR's DNF Hamilton DNF Massa DNF
  12. My point was two fold - both of which are not mutually exclusive. But if you need me to summarise my points in black and white terms: 1. RBR chassis is seemingly one of the key to RBR's success (how it is special we do not know) 2. RBR chassis setup is extremely sensitive - causing fluctuations in performance.....get it right and head scratching will be aplenty (without Flavio's fleas). Dribbler, these words will haunt you throughout the 2011 season....and I will be there to remind you!
  13. During the first half of 2010, Webber was always around 0.1 seconds behind Vettel. Then when Webber inherited Luscious Liz (Vettel's car discarded car chassis which won him many a race) Webber blew Vettel out of the water in the following races - Vettel didn't have an answer in qualifying or the race. RBR said that Vettel had damage in his chassis. In my opinion - there was something in Luscious Liz that rocked. If Hiekki (man I dislike him), hadn't blocked Webber and caused Luscious Liz to flip, Webber would have taken the title. My point? It's all in the setup and the chassis. After Melbourne, Marko did allude to some chassis damage on Webber's car. One has to wonder about whether the chassis are coming out the factory exactly the same. I wonder if the RBR chassis flexes or is spring loaded to move under load. It seems to be a key component in RBR's success. Anyway, wait until Webber gets the perfect setup/chassis combination (perhaps mid year)..then we will see Vettel scratching his head over Webber's pace.
  14. Fernando So Not Full Of Grace

    His stirrings and posts made me laugh. Praying for the people in Japan...
  15. Fernando So Not Full Of Grace

    Just keeping Maure's dream alive