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  1. I Miss Tf1

    Thanks all, look forward to chatting soon!
  2. I Miss Tf1

    Hi guys, I have not been around lately, but when ever i have the time i will check out what is going on. I have missed the forums heaps and hope time in the new year or sooner will allow me to post. i have been flat out with the police academy and find it difficult to get the time. anyway just wanted to say hi to everyone to let people know that i am alive and have not gone MIA. so please dont bump me out because i have not logged in for such a long time! Cheers
  3. Australia Day

    Happy Oz day! my fellow ausssies... It was a warm day with many a beer.. and a great long weekend!
  4. Where Do We Stand

    Cav- Mate! I dont think anyone is going to do anything about it, it will be a shame to see you go as i have a great time debating with you. I guess the question you have to ask yourself is... if its worth it or not. i believe that your shouting upon deaf ears. BTW (constructive critisism) i would also liked to point out that i feel that you have mis - interpreted some posts in the past as i feel that many of the other members have of yours. As advice, i just ignore posts that you believe are personal attacks or racist. In the end, We dont live in a perfect world, and life is unfair but we just have to learn to deal with it. Please dont take this as a personal attack. Strictly a unbiased opinion.
  5. Will F1 Broadcasts Ever Go Hi-def?

    Guy's dont mistake HD for Digital Transmission. the program should say that its done in HD, but usaully if its true HD or not remains to be seen? some stations use multi channels instead of true HD. As HD takes up a lot of bandwidth to transmit.
  6. Most Improved Poll 2007

    Exactly, i thought that most people would have got it! & It's not stupid either..
  7. Will F1 Broadcasts Ever Go Hi-def?

    I guess its only a matter of time... What i mean by that is not all countries around the globe run Digital TV as of yet? I guess the reason it isnt done yet is for the reason of losing the viewer audience, and then the Commercial dollar which keeps F1 a float. i am sure if they would switch to Digital they will lose the amount of TV audience. It would be to expensive to do both (Digital & Analogue). I guess the are just waiting for the moment.
  8. Most Improved Poll 2007

    I was more on the line of thinking how much progress a team would make to the front, and i guess we are all educated on F1 and know how hard it is to beat the top 2 or 3. so if we look at it as the teams that are closer to the front like BMW there should be a sliding scale of some sought. but as i explained earlier, we all know what type of work it takes to bridge the gap closer and i feel that this should be put into consideration!
  9. Most Improved Poll 2007

    As much as i would love it to be true, I read a Newy Interview recently and he didnt really talk up his car much?
  10. F1 Quiz

    He won 2 races & FInished 3rd in WDC Team Jordan French GP(wet) ManyCours Italian GP (Dry) Monza
  11. Most Improved Poll 2007

    I will kick off the poll! Most improved driver for 2007: Webber
  12. Most Improved Poll 2007

    Just as we are starting to see some action, i thought i might start a poll a little different? If you wish you can post who you believe will be the Most Improved Driver as i was originally going to make that the topic, but there was alot of rookies and drivers who didnt complete the whole WDC in 2006.
  13. Google Earth Maps Of All The F1 Tracks

    I will have to try this when i get home! I have looked at Circuits Around Australia, as i know were to find them, but i tried looking for some of the European circuits previously which i found hard to find.
  14. It Starts

    There is nothing to read into it yet! If the same problem starts to re-occur over testing i would start getting worried! Did Kimi have as many Car breakages when he drove for Sauber? I didnt think so! I Just feel that the Mclaren is a little bit Fragile than most of the other Cars. I dont believe that any of the drivers in F1 are Car Breakers! Expect the Pay drivers!!!