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  1. 2007 The Most Competitive Season Ever?

    i think it will be very competitve this year, as far as Williams is concerned, i saw this coming, hate to say, for a long time
  2. Good Lord

    i agree im borrrreddd
  3. Bourdais Set To Test For Torro Rosso

    im inclined to agree with the reporters on this one, i think this will just be a test. hes a great driver, but i think he's place is in champ car for now
  4. Jenson Button

    i do not think that button is overrated, then again, being american im sure the british put a lot of press and hope for that matter, into jenson. so i do not see that from where i am sitting. hes obviously has talent, and i believe he can be world champion in a consistently reliable car. you have to remember that getting to F1 is a lot harder than most people realize, and if your there, you've worked for it in some way or another. my point is have some faith in Jenson. if you dont like him thats ok too, but at least respect him as a F1 driver.
  5. Who Decides The Driver's Numbers??

    IF you can see the numbers, now a days your lucky if you can make them out a far cry from the 60's era
  6. Weird Rear-wing Idea To Be Delayed Til 2009

    heres an embedded image for your reference
  7. Marco Andretti To Drive Honda!!

  8. Marco Andretti To Drive Honda!!

    thats cool that he's getting the chance to test in F1. however, I don't see him leaving the IRL anytime soon, more business related reasons that ability i think. it would be neat to have him though, at this rate we may have an andretti, a piquet, a mansel, and a senna all racing together in the near future. mike, has he said anything in any interviews about having F1 aspirations?
  9. F1 2007

    good post, well thought out i just want to put my 2 cents in by saying, i agree to some point your view on scott speed, however i think he will be much more focused next year and will suprise a lot of people at how quick he can be.
  10. SpeedTV Shoots Down CBS!!!!

    this is really good news, especially the prospect of being able to watch GP2!
  11. Hamilton Finally In F1

    although i did read through this whole post, all i have to say is simply this Good for him, and best of luck to him thats really all i can say
  12. Sato's Earnings

    i think i have to agree with you guys, if that is true, most of that HAS to be from his home country sponsorships. there is just no way he would be paid that high otherwise, no offense to sato, but come on if i was a driver on the circuit , i mean id be happy to get paid to do that in the first place, but id be a little upset if i was around for a long time, scoring points, etc. and this guy comes in with this salary, very strange.
  13. Happy Birthday

  14. Grand Prix Dvd

    im sure a lot of you have bought it, but i got the new 2 disc DVD of Grand Prix for my birthday and my GOD its awesome, they did a great job of re-mastering it!!!
  15. Happy Birthday

    wow thanks everyone!!! i appreciate that, i just noticed it now. but thank you so much you guys rule