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  1. Bruno Senna Gp2 Test

    Hi Katy, I'm not agree with you. Rubens choose to be in Ferrari and he knew to be the second driver so he knew to have a different treatment by the team. I'm italian and I know well Ferrari Team. Rubens choosing Ferrari choose to be second forever. I'm sorry to say it but he choose the "easy money" than try to choose another top tean to try to express all his talent. All the mates of Michael were just second drivers, obliged to follow the orders and to not scream too much if not satisfied by the clear different materials, teams of mechanins and engeneers and so on. When Iirvine was able to express his talent was because Michael broke his leg so Ferrari poured all its efforts on Eddie and he almost won the Championship. What I want to say is that Bruno will destroy his talent and career if he will pick up a top team with a real top driver as mate whom will have all the team to his feet. There are few teams like Mclaren that give the same cars to the drivers as it was with Prost and Ayrton. In that case Senna was able to defeat Prost sistematically but if Bruno will be in a top team with a top driver and the team will work for the top driver only and/or will tell to Bruno to slow down to let the top driver to overtake him well in this case Bruno will destroy his career. If u love Bruno try to go to see what Ii do for him in the italian Forum here. Enjoy Bruno Senna - Race is in my blood Luke36
  2. Bruno Senna Gp2 Test

    Hi this is my very first message here ! So be nice with me ok ? Well, I did deep researches about Bruno Senna. I started to follow his career since his attempts in BMW formula. My opinion is that he is doing well. He is pretty wise to know that his lack of competition is due to the 10 years stop from practicing races in every order of levels. So he know better than us where are his current limits. He is the first to say that he find problems with tracks he doesnt know, with lack of badness on track and above all with narrow ones. But he is doing well because he is hungry to learn and he is doing fast ! Really fast. Yes in the past F3 British Championship Mike Conway won without problems but we need to read between the lines and look the real signs and not the fake ones. One of the most impressive message I got is that Bruno is really fast on wet ! In the last tests in GP2 formula at Jerez he was the faster and he was a rookie ! Not only: in all the sessions spent between Paul Richard and Jerez, Mike Conway was always behind him and I know for experience that when u compete with same cars on same tracks that none know so well, who will win is the most talented driver and Bruno is despite his lack of experience due to two tragic events: the Ayrton death and the Dad death. So what I sense is that Bruno is a real pearl. It is not a fake or a freak of nature. He is fast and he is wise ! Two qualities that will lead him really far. Many observers said that in the last GP2 tests the ex formula1 drivers as Pizzonia and Pantano crashed the rookies. False !!! Never as now Bruno is increasing his skill and his results are there like words engraved on tombestones ! He will do great. Believe me ! Luke36