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  1. Great New Formula 1 Game!

    Hey Guys, long time without a post... Go RBR by the way! Anyway PitStopBoss! i've been playing this game for a little while, its still in its Beta testing, but always being updated and improved.... Its really quite complete for a beta, and theres heaps of guys playing it and having loads of fun. This games puts you as the Manager of a Race team... starting out with Formula Renault team... But you chose every aspect of your team, then you put in to test on the track, trying to fine tune you setup to get that ultimate fast time. The game uses a live timing screen similar to that used by, so u can track u speed of your drivers sector to sector... This is perhaps this biggest draw card for this game, and its alot of fun watching your setups transformaed in sector time. I love the game and its a great challenge for us F1 fans, so get on board and we'll start trading some laptimes! heres a link pitstopboss Lets see you F1 experts put your money where your mouth is and take control of a F1 team! last but not least, i'd like to congratulate Mark Webber on his best F1 result to date.. you can only go one step higher, now lets see you rise to the challenge and take down wonderchild vettel
  2. hi guys, well there's a new online multilayer f1 manager type game around called 'PitStopBoss' very cool and is atracking alot of players recently, the best part is you can watch your drivers laps on a live timing screen almost exactly the same as's... very cool i'm hooked should try it out guys! The games is only in its beta stage of development but is still very complex and complete, just cant simulate qually and races yet only practice... but see who can get the best set up and stategy to set the best time! check it out here sign up here!
  3. Driver Of The Day - Malaysian Gp

    I supose Kimi did win the race he obviously deserves driver of the day, lets just completely ignore all the other factors eg: car speed.... He's not the only one to drive a faultless race, but i must say it would have been easier for Kimi to drive a faultless race then say 'Webber' who has a dog car... Dont get me wrong Kimi drove a good race indeed, but I just dont think given the capabilities of the car he's driving, that he deserve the 'best' drive of the day
  4. Driver Of The Day - Malaysian Gp

    How can Kimi get the drive of the day... did he have to do anything?? but drive the far superior ferrari drive of the day 1 Kubica 2 Trulli 3 Webber in no particular order
  5. Driver Of The Day - Australian Gp

    I'l give drive of the day to Lewis's car, it deserves it not him. Would have to be bourdais followed by Rosberg
  6. Webber Vs. Coulthard

    Indeed, i will have to agree with you there Mr Webber a reliable car will give you a MUCH better year! Now get back to work and beat that punk couthard
  7. Webber Vs. Coulthard

    As the kiwi pointed out earlier the 'standard' and the 'urban' mile are one in the same, and should be considered as exactly 1.609 kilometers or 'a racing mile' as otherwise known
  8. Webber Vs. Coulthard

    edit: Webber will win by a standard ''urban'' mile....
  9. Webber Vs. Coulthard

    Webber will win by a country mile
  10. Official Pre-season Testing Thread

    Been watching the lap counter and when they pit, also other forums
  11. Official Pre-season Testing Thread

    Most cars doing 5 lap stints including McLaren
  12. Official Pre-season Testing Thread

    apparently so who would have guessed it??
  13. Official Pre-season Testing Thread

    GO BULL!
  14. Official Pre-season Testing Thread

    He's got motivation now, the fastest car on the grid
  15. Official Pre-season Testing Thread

    i like the part in bold the most, Webber's time apparently came in a 20 lap stint on the final day in Barca