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  1. Poll: Kovalainen Vs Fisico

    aussief1' date='Dec 11 2006, 11:41 PM' post='161088'] As much as it kills me to say I think Fisi will come out on top of the young Finn but only just. Kovlainnen will do enough to finish the career of GF Ive seen Kovlainnen before in lower classes and he's extremely talented, In this class, he will have to be, but i think he will turn more than a few heads IF... he's got the car under him....personally i think he will blitz fizzy. As for the championship it will be a two horse race between Alonso and Raikkonen.
  2. Prost Vs Senna

    Senna was my personal favourite of all time, was he truly the greatest of all time? for me YES! but based on what? 3 times champion, Prost was 4 times champion, races won? Prost won more but started his career 4yrs earlier than Senna, pole positions, Senna had more (and by a long way).......if its all about success in formula 1, then you can argue Schumacher won more than both of them put together. For me Senna raced as he died, on the razors edge, full of flare, passion and an unbending will to win, he was one of F1's greatest characters.....Prost was effective.....but boring!
  3. Prost Vs Senna

    ='Ctrl300' date='May 10 2006, 12:19 PM' post='116032'] And you base that hilarious statement on what exactly Well if you base everything off a win to race ratio then Schumacher was better than both of them put together! but as we all know scumacher never actually beat either Prost or Senna in a full race distance in 1993 Senna was just pipped by Prost who was basically driving a computer on wheels, Senna and Scumacher had much slower and less technical cars in that season. For my money Senna gave me much more pleasure to watch than Prost, although there is no denying Prost's talent.