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  1. Disturbing In So Many Ways

    Multi guess aren't always easy either. I'm studying towards my aircraft mechanics licence and all the exams for that are multi guess but they are very difficult. They always have a question with difficult wording followed by 1 answer that is way out there and another 2 that are very close to being the correct answer, then finally the correct answer.
  2. Guitarists!

    Big David Gilmour cleans it up for me. No one else makes me want to pick up my guitar more than him. Anyone who hasn't yet go out and grab the Remember that Night DVD. It's worth it just for echoes.
  3. When I Become Prime Minister/president/bird King

    No no, I'd far rather it was just deep blue sea out there. Except maybe a few of the girls. Maybe some sort of special island that only has girls on it, with male eating animals to keep it that way. That would probably help the creation of your free to air porn?
  4. When I Become Prime Minister/president/bird King

    Instantly sever all ties with ykick run australia. Get ourselves a god damn air force (I train as a civvie on our main airforce base, it is a crying shame what the airforce is reduced to) Remove tax from petrol. Reduce dairy to local price, not world price. Lock all of the labour and green party up. Abolish the welfare for anyone who could have a job. Have a quick snack. Increase penalty for tagging to 80 years in prison. Execute all drunk drivers, rapists and child molesters. Ask what time dinner will be ready. Continue this list.
  5. Political Correctness Gone Mad

    Alonso said 'we farked up the strategy' Or something along those lines.
  6. The Film Thread

    Hmm it was a few years ago, I'll try to remember. I believe that was one of them, and there are times when you believe the bad will triumph making the eventual victory all the more sweet. Also the common theme of religion was examined, from the warden's "put your trust in the lord" and the volley of passages from the bible (one of my favourite scenes, so much meaning in a very short time) to Andy's redemption, standing in the rain with his arms out as if on a crucifix. The movie has so many things to take from it, truly brilliant work. Another we studied was Edward Scissorhands. It was fantastic to study, Tim Burton is the master of satire. His attack on stereotypes throughout the movie is so well put forward.
  7. The Film Thread

    Yes yes yes. We studied this film in english when I was at school. We watched it 5 times and disected every minute of it but I can still enjoy it when I watch it.
  8. I Just Found My Next Car...

    Cheers for the new sig Wez!
  9. I Just Found My Next Car...

    Wez, I have to point out that your picture of Alonso looks alarmingly like a fat kid who just finished off 3 pies.
  10. Italian Press Hails Monaco Master Hamilton

    Yes I do feel that Ferrari strategy was not the best but also the Ferrari's just did not have the pace. They did a stand out job in qually but it was not a true indication of the state of play around Monaco I felt.
  11. Force India Files A Complaint

    While I agree it was the right call to make, it was plainly a racing incident, I also agree with aussie. Had the situation been reversed Ferrari (or any team for that matter) would have been screaming for Sutil's head.
  12. Paul Richard Tests

    I have to say I could make neither head nor tail of this last test. Normally they provide some slight indication of the state of play, though people like to deny it, normally when their favourite team/driver is slower than expected. But this time there was very little info about use of tyres, stint times etc so it's anyones guess.
  13. Rant Time!

    Yeah the racing at Hamilton wasn't that great. Too much crashing. Also Tander is clearly the best driver in the field at the moment so it seems to be the best of the rest. The TRS is a very good series, that was a big step forward for open wheel racing here.
  14. Rant Time!

    Yeah my bad sorry.
  15. Rant Time!

    Yeah thats true, I forgot that sky had the BBC coverage in the 90's. The thing is with sky, whilst I appreciate the (almost) everything being live etc when you're paying for something you expect it to be top notch, and it isn't. They clearly don't give a toss about it. At least with TV1 you KNEW when a race was going to be delayed, and you weren't spitting feathers when it happened. They had some semblance of a pre show, which sky sort of started off doing in a really bad way but quickly dropped. There is enough motorsport on that a pay tv company like sky should have dedicated motorsport channel, then they could start showing some of that grassroots stuff they love so much and our young chargers in FFord etc might have a decent show at getting some good sponsorship. They could have taken on the V8's, which would have been nice since TV3 are murdering it after TV1 finally got it right last year with freeview. When you think about it sky already have the rights to much of the top tier motorsport: MotoGP, WRC, F1, Superbikes(I think? or not this year?), IRL(also pretend, thanks Eric), NASCAR (we'll pretend this is top tier). All they'd have to do is throw in the V8's, DTM, GP2, F3 and LMS and fill the rest in with replays, grassroots motorsport etc. Grassroots motorsport is so different to grassroots rugby and it's what should be shown on tv. Rugby players don't need sponsorship like young drivers do. But the majority of the country doesn't know because they can't see it. How's that for a rant?