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  1. Why F1 Is Not Popular In Usa

    Hey guys (& girl if katie is still on), probably been a few years since I posted on here or even been on TF1, but I wanted to see what was going on with the Brawn/Merc/Nico thing - CRAZY how quickly things can come to fruition!(if it's true....) As an American, here's my take on what the OP said: Baseball & (North American) Football are popular in the US because the vast majority of us grew up playing baseball & football... not soccer. For me & my group of friends, soccer is something we played when we were 5-7 years old; not knowing anything about the game, just chasing a ball around a field en mass, waiting for our Gatorade & cookies at the half. Once we were old enough we played football in the fall instead of soccer, basketball in the winter, and baseball in the spring. That's just how it was and is today. Sure, lots of folks play soccer throughout high school, but the vast majority doesn't.
  2. Ah, Romance....

    Otis Redding, These arms of mine - Doesn't get any better
  3. The Future Of F1 In America

    Don't forget that his windshield would also be clean. The locals would have a tough time making sense of the matte black wheel covers - the antithesis of bling
  4. The Coldest Podium? The Hottest Last Race In Years?

    I could see Ferrari sweeping the front row - brazil is supposed to be a track better suited for the ferraris, right? - McLaren the second & Fred pulling a Spa type move in turns 1 & 2. I think he'd rather see Kimi be WDC than boy wonder. Plus he's already paranoid that McLaren is out to get him so he would have the last laugh. Boy that'd be sinister, but you never know. That's why I think Fred & Kimi would make for a great pairing at Ferrari. No BS as it is now because Kimi wouldn't play into any drama & even if he did no one would be able to understand his responses anyway! Pretty funny how Kimi walked right past Alonso, then alonso must have said something to him & he turned to shake hands.
  5. Juan Pablo's New Career

    At least he's getting some of that camaraderie he was missing in F1. Everyone is so drunk at Wrigley by the 7th inning that you can't hear whoever's singing that day anyway... and they are never able to carry a tune.
  6. Bernie's Cavalier Attitude Towards Us G. P

    Yep, I appologise. I was having a rough day - sorry to take it out on your post. I think Laguna would be a fantasic F1 track if they were able to make it a little longer. I'm sure they would kill the corkscrew as well as Zonta got some air under his right front tire coming out of it at the Historics last year.
  7. Bernie's Cavalier Attitude Towards Us G. P

    Sorry - guess I should have clarified. Earlier in the post we were speaking of the importance of the television audience rather than the local spectators at the track. We were also talking about the American business interests in F1 being so prominent... so I was saying that it was ironic that the prominent American companies didn't have a lot of signage at the american track. Anyways - interesting about vodafone owning such a large stake in Verizon.
  8. Bernie's Cavalier Attitude Towards Us G. P

    I certainly thought that he huge "Vodafone" banner above start/finish at Indy was ironic & telling of the intended audience.
  9. Bernie's Cavalier Attitude Towards Us G. P

    Broseph: http://www.m-w.com/cgi-bin/dictionary?va=hygiene or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oral_hygiene I did. I hope he speaks English if he is from the wonderful state of Delaware!
  10. Bernie's Cavalier Attitude Towards Us G. P

    So I assume you would be a well-educated yankee with impeccable hygiene! As a fellow American, I feel it's my duty to help you out with your spelling and grammatical mistakes! 1) it looks like you're trying to say "PHENOMENAL" here 2) first, it's spelled "racist" and the term you are seaching for is "reverse racism." 3) using apostrophes is fun! It looks like you are trying to use one in context of omission. Unfortunately, you have not omitted anything as "ole" is a word. It would have worked had you written "ol' " as it shows that you are omitting either the "e" or the "d." 4) It's spelled "Earnhardt." I mean, really.... 5) I've never heard of playing "a" hardball although it sounds interesting. Your sentance should have read "he played hardball from a disadvantaged position." See, now it makes grammatical sense. As for Bernie being in a poor negotiating position... I'm afraid you are new to the Formula 1 game. Bernie has, does, and always will hold ALL the cards in F1. I am glad you have taken a keen interest in Formula 1 & hope you tackle your summer reading list with the same passion. Please read Mr. Varsha's excellent article on F1 in the US that is currently posted on Speedtv.com and you might gain some insight on the commercial aspects of F1 and America's ties with those commerical interests. Take heed! Mr. Varsha is a Southerner!
  11. Honda's Car Looking Good....

    I'm concerned that this will show favoritism towards certain land masses as they will appear on the car twice. It would have been pretty funny if they put the moon or some other planet out there... away from earth in outer space....
  12. Denny Hulme

    I said he was the "first" to die from natural causes....
  13. Paris Hilton To Sponsor The Spyker Team?

    I wonder if an F1 car can get herpes from a sponsorship....
  14. Denny Hulme

    I just looked up Denny Hulme in Wikipedia after looking at some old Can-Am stuff and found a pretty interesting fact: when he died from a massive heart-attack behind the wheel during the 1992 Bathurst 1000, it made him the first F1 world champion to die from natural causes! Pretty strange to think about... and ironic considering he was also racing at the time.
  15. Pics Of Ur Cars!

    This is sadly the only picture I have of my '01 M3 on my computer. The VW Passat in the upper right pulled out without looking and left me no where to go but straight into her left front bumper.... Luckily no one was hurt (her airbags deployed) and there was no damage to my frame. Now, it is good as new!