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  1. Bahrain Tests!!!

    What a start ! 9 and 7 laps for Red Bull lol
  2. Bahrain Tests!!!

    Nop these are for Barcelona look at these things >> Live update - Testsessie Barcelona, 12 februari 2007, dag and Testweek Barcelona van start So these are Barca's testing results ! any hints ? what if there was a sand storm and the drivers couldn't reach the track eheheh
  3. Bahrain Tests!!!

    I didn't get anything from the ! duno what's the prob ... how'ever ! for some it is an important test , for others its just a passing throught test .... For each of Ferrari , Renault , Honda , Red Bull i think it is important as they are seaking to bring up good results and some have brought aero and mechanical upgrades for this session . McLaren and BMW are going to keep improving that they are fast , and especialy McLaren who wants to keep themselvs ahead of all . for me the last Valencia Testing that happened earlier this week , where Spyker Ferrari and Williams Toyota were runing it was so interresting , Spyker was all time 1 to 4 secs off pace but on the last day they improved and downgraded the gap to 0.5 and it is so important .. what are the others view ???
  4. Spot The Difference

    i have found one only ... behind the cheminee , there is a small winglet on red bull and is not on STR ...
  5. Str's New Overalls...

    I like it .. Gold is for the Toro Rosso's nose color like Red Bull's yellow and black stands for ?? if u have noticed that the mirrors and rear wing are still black (Carbon fiber colors)
  6. Catalunya Test

    1 David Coulthard Red Bull Racing RB3 1:21.855 62 2 Nick Heidfeld BMW Sauber F1.07 1:21.958 + 0.103 56 3 Felipe Massa Ferrari F2007 1:21.964 + 0.109 83 Oh yess now that's a good show i dun care if Red Bull was leading what i care for is a closer gap ... they were 3 secs off pace then 2 secs off pace , last day 1.7 secs off pace and now i guess they are 0 secs off pace hahaha
  7. I was wondering if i am the only one who thinks so ! do u guys think that T-Drivers who are most of the time faster than the Drivers of the team in Testing Sessions and practices loose the Racing Style/Experience quicker ? like De La Rosa , Wurz , Panis , Burti ... if we have replaced these drivers instead of the proper drivers like De La Rosa last season and Wurz , they couldn't bring a win or a podium despite they showed good results in Qual and FPs .. But in the same time if we look into last season we can see that Kubica who used to shine on the FPs on friday also shined on races ... so its a bit confusing don't u think ? but i still believe that the T-Drivers loose Racing Experience quicker
  8. Catalunya Test

    Yeah .. McLaren driver Alonso said that the car will not be wining too much as expected ! Massa said we should watch out of BMW ! Kimi is still learning on the Ferrari ... every time we look to the testing we see different results , same team leading and this leading team is not expecting to do a good show ! actually i dun care for Testing and i see Red Bull in progress , look at Renault times and then check out Red Bulls ... i expect them to show up soon , not expecting them to shine on the first step of podium (1rst place) but expecting points challenge just like RB1 was doing ...
  9. Catalunya Test

    Results last updated at 11:09 1 Pedro de la Rosa McLaren MP4-22 1:23.742 21 2 Nico Rosberg Williams FW29 1:23.920 + 0.178 21 3 Robert Kubica BMW Sauber F1.07 1:24.111 + 0.369 18 Link
  10. The Things You Most Remember!

    Gonna Start with 2001 Spa - Eddie Irvine in Jaguar and Luciano Burti in Prost crashed , Eddie went to help Luciano while Marshals were watching him 2003 Brazalian GP Webbo was in points he crashed and then Fisico was lost he didn't know if he have won or came 2nd and his engine broke in the pits hahaha .. i also like the 2001 overtake Mika did on both MS and Zonta , the tragetic accident in 2001 at monza on the second chicane
  11. Jerez Testing

    Latest news from Jerez ... It's raining and Renault team have packed their things and are leaving to Catalunya where other 7 teams will join them later , meanwhile the 7 teams remaining in Jerez are waiting for a better weather to go back on track ...
  12. Jerez Testing

    Yeah i have got this link from a different board how'ever thanks ... best wishes for all teams i hope tomorrow will not have a red-flag day like first 2 days hehehe
  13. Jerez Testing

    We have a long day of testing ... so i am expecting a good show from the RBR ... how'ever can i have the link of the live timing ? cause i just went into Jerez website and i can't yet find the live timing results
  14. Jerez Testing

    Oh Yes !!!! This is what i've been waiting for i hope they have found a way to fix their problems Go RBR
  15. Ferrari And Spyker

    Spyker's car looks too orangey hehe ... yeah its not a photoshoped pic i have seen more than a pic for the new car tested at Silverstone and it seems more red to me ! just like the colors Ykick posted ... I duno i hope at least it will challenge Toro Rossos don't forget both have Ferraris in the back !