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  1. New F1 Starts...?

    OK, we all know traction control si gone and that the drivers now need to do manual starts setting the clutch bite at the correct placement. I have been pondering for quite some weeks however, how the heck do they do this? I've never seen a knob on the steering wheel for setting the clutch, the drivers don't have a clutch pedal, so how the heck do they do it? Last season was easy, high revs and push a button when the lights go green, now though its revs and ....x ? Any thoughts people?
  2. Countdown Begins!

    HRT to take the season opening win, heard it here first! Least thats why I reckon they are delaying their new car, must be so uber super duper to keep it hidden so long :-P
  3. Testing Starts!!!

    Those air inlets for driving cooling (or hydraulic cooling in some cases) is considerably smaller then the current RBR inlet, it's like comparing a hand held 2 AA battery fan against a 24" desktop cooling fan! There is no relation between the two!
  4. Sites And Sounds From Testing Day 1

    Surprisingly I've been registered here for years, but haven't posted for some time - I'd like to blame the English government for this - they usually have some way of screwing things over, so why not :-P
  5. The Falkland Islands

    We have to waste our warships by using them somewhere, makes no difference where - in reality that destroyer was going to sail around somewhere, so it's not like it's cost anything to send it there instead of some random place nobody has ever heard of! Also, I hear that we won the Island in a bingo competition, so it's ours, end of :-D ...One last thing, no idea who Steve nor Paul are. So I've decided to watch a dancing banana instead of reply to whatever that paragraph refers to :-D Yey look at it dance! :-D
  6. The Falkland Islands

    Just to add some controversy to an all too civil thread, down with Argentina! Up with the Brits! It's ours, want it? Come and try to take it! Ner ner ner ner ner ner! :-P I quite like how we are only defending what the Island has requested however - they wanted to stay under English rule, seems fair enough to me.
  7. Testing Starts!!!

    Exactly what I thought, the most fabled of designers that isn't willing to base a cars design around anything, including drivers, all of a sudden has a change of heart and makes a nice big hole in the nose just for driver comfort! Either he's getting soppy in old age, or told a small porky there! Just wait for the other drivers to go peaking in the c#ckpit during Parc Ferme in Melborune, a la Vettel on the McLaren F-Duct :-P
  8. Sites And Sounds From Testing Day 1

    A work of art, certainly compared with 2012 cars anyway! The Lotus has *massive* air exhalers at the rear of its car though, looks like a sex doll with that hole!
  9. Sites And Sounds From Testing Day 1

    The McLaren rear end (ohh er) I'd like to play with it's slots :-P
  10. Testing Starts!!!

    Haha :-P Nice to see the times coming down today too. Webber proclaimed he could do a 1.16 around this track in a Brazil spec car, so maybe the 1.18's aren't too great :-P
  11. Testing Starts!!!

    A lot of wind tunnel calibration checks for Ferrari perhaps? Or checking their new pull rod front suspension? Poor Massa doing all the leg work, surprised they didn't put Alonso in, he can gain 6 tenths from a car! :-D
  12. Sites And Sounds From Testing Day 1

    Couldn't agree further, a work of art :-D
  13. Testing Starts!!!

    Ohhh foreplay! Must explain why I've been walking with a limp all day! ;-)
  14. Testing Starts!!!

    Haha, sounds like an Adrian Newey concept there! :-P And from the autosport feed: "08:54 Several of you have asked how the times set so far compare to last year. Very well, is the answer. Raikkonen's 1m20.514s is quicker than the 1m20.709s that Massa set when topping the first day of Jerez testing in February 2011."
  15. Testing Starts!!!

    Seriously? Oh very dear! Nice to see the Lotus so fast out of the box though, not many pictures of fancy innovations yet though, I'm looking forward to seeing the rear end (oh-er) of the McLaren without the 'fake plastic' bits! :-D David
  16. Soooo How Is The Maxster Going To Fare On 3/6?

    Strangely I go on holiday on the 3rd, off to Spain, via Paris, so if anyone would like rotten veg to be thrown in the general direction of the FIA, please forward it all to my house. I would be only too happy to oblige
  17. Deadly London

    Theres far more violence going off throughout this country and its damn frustrating. The media are refusing to report on any of the deaths or violent injuries however because its racism with black people on white. Which just p****s me off. Aside from that there's also the simple reason why all this happens, 160,000 police officers, but when was the last time you saw one been proactively walking the streets to "protect" us? I believe I last saw one 12 months ago, give or take a month. When they do catch people, whats the punishment handed out? A caution? No, thats far too harsh! Just a slap on the wrists, a written warning, so that if they get caught a further two times they might get cautioned! Yob rule is the way until the current regime is ousted
  18. Monaco Practice And Qualy

    Well, I've just watched the qualifying and have to say that I am totally shocked. Not only is it a Ferrari 1-2 but Massa is on P1! Ron Dennis's comment here: "Especially in Monaco you can destroy your race with a smaller fuel load and it is easy to make a wrong decision in that respect. With a good start, and if we can stay out longer, even from the second row it is possible to win here. "We have a good strategy and I expect a very hard fought grand prix in hopefully good weather conditions." As usual it seems McLaren have run heavy-ish, based on the performance advantage seen in the practice sessions maybe 3-5 laps extra fuel. But im not personally convinced it'll be true, Ferrari always seem very good in low grip situations, practice 1 to most races they are straight out and fastest, but as the grip goes down the other teams start to catch up. Quali 1 and 2 today showed Ferrari did appear to be faster, on both compounds, then McLaren. Im worried, if Ferrari win here then it seems the title fight is off and its a straight Massa vs KR fight. In which case, go KR! I have to say, so far this season I am massively surprised by Kovvy's speed, he really does seem to be settling nicely in to the McLaren team, and at a lot of times is faster then Hamilton, already! Looks like a great team combination for the next few years - or at least I hope On the topic of Piquet, I read a news article claiming he had been given 2 races to prove his worth, as usual no official source so probably a load of rubbish, but after a full year of F1 testing and a number of races under his belt I would imagine its now time for his true pace to come through, Monaco isn't the best gauge for this, but he was painfully slower then Alonso, compared with a WDC you'd expect maybe half a second, but not 1.5! Maybe Webber should go there, Vettel to RBR and Sato to STR :-)
  19. Goodbye

    This was a fantastic event, been for the past 2 years when it was held at Donnington, I doubt it'll be as good from silverstone with the lack of big screen TV's (unless they decide to change this, this year), at Donnington you could see 60% or so of the track from one side. At silverstone your lucky to see 20% Thankfully I'll be in Spain for the duration, so I'll just stick to sun, sand and if im lucky, lesbians humping in good old topless fashion. EDIT: Also, yes, screw our comments, I will refuse to believe you work for any F1 outfit until you come knocking at my door, with your F1 car parked outside. Strange that I believe in God with no proof really...
  20. Ecu

    Very much "here here", its like those spam e-mails claiming I can increase my penis size 4 times over, whilst I'd love a 4" penis I know for a fact its BS Until many proper sources actually show me the proof for this I'll file it in my bin under "useless waste of time".
  21. Ecu

    The standard ECU thing has gotta be bollocks, they all have sealed units with stewards checking them. The engine development thing is also rubbish, they are very limited in what they can change, rumour had it they gained 30BHP from this update, what a load of tosh! I think we would notice a rather faster Ferrari, and so would competitors who hire the sound analysis weirdo's to study each others engine tones!
  22. Sato To Replace Piquet?

    Recent paddock speculation has also revealed that David Adams is listed to be at McLaren next year, replacing Lewis Hamilton. Dario AS was the original source of this.
  23. Paul Richard Tests

    I do wonder what the heck thats supposed to do - you'd expect the bigger teams to be trying it by now if it was a good time earner... One report I read said it was to hide something else they found, although didnt suggest what that could be...
  24. Tieing A Labrador Dog To Your Helmet...

    I did indeed find this comical also, but just to point out a HUGE difference, he actually said "an ADULT labrador" - it makes all the difference, the fact he thought about this so well mid-sentance to realise a puppy would not weigh 25KG. Personally I would have gone for the the normal "about the weight of 25KG of bricks".
  25. Us Energy Strategy

    The car is self charging Cav, have you not done the research on the car? I am aware it requires fuel to go to a "gas" station to recharge the cylinders, however my point was simple, a 3 minute compressed air tank recharge does not use 20 litres or equivalent of fossil fuels to recharge it, it uses severely less. All of which can be provided by alternatives to fossil fuels (whether they do or not is not the topic here). I'd sure like your answer on the 30 years topic, I am obviously mis-informed by the mass media machines regarding this technology so I'll await more before commenting on this one... And no, as I said, I have nothing to base my ASSUMPTION on, as I said to begin with, I am of the opinion the oil companies have that TECHNOLOGY, not the alternative fuel source. Basically what Handy said :-) I base my assumption/opinion on what I already said. I like how you enjoy the debate here also, arguing against many comments whilst not taking a stand point on the actual topic, you seem to be on the side of stop the fossil fuel burning, but the cynical side of everyones comments. Makes for a more fun topic :-)