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  1. Lunar Eclipse

    For those who didn't see it:
  2. Hamilton's Helmet

    This probably was discuss before since I haven't been around much these days but any of yous notice his helmet looks similar to the helmet of a certain world champion?
  3. 2008 24 Hours Of Le Mans

    Nice to see Penske entering the 24 hour race this year, they weren't in it in '07 right?
  4. Top Gear - Richard Hammond Drives A Renault R25 F1

    lol He actually made it look really tough
  5. The Innovators...

    wtf noone voted for Tyrell lol
  6. Stuff Of Dreams / Better Than Sex

    Hail Kimi
  7. R U Happy About 2007 Season

    Well now I'm happy, GO KIMI!!!!!!!!
  8. Driver Of The Day

    I was praying that Kubica and Rosberg didn't knock each other off meaning Hamilton would win lol Kimi deserves to win the title finally
  9. What Happened At Nurburgring

    Well at least he got his come-uppins (is that how it's spelled?) in China
  10. Spockears Threatens To Quit F1

    I believe he got from last to 3rd in Fuji using a 'dry setup', that's our Kimi
  11. Driver Of The Day

    Kimi came from last to 3rd in terrible conditions, Hamilton had a clear road in front of him most of the race therefore better visibility so Kimi is my driver of the day
  12. Batracer

    I'd join but I made a temporary retirement from batracer until after christmas perhaps
  13. Thank You Jose........

    blastphemy! *throws holy water in rainmaster's face which actually is acid* kidding Can't see Beckham driving an F1 car, he'd be too concerned about getting helmet hair
  14. Mcrae Helicopter Crash

    Yeah strange coincedence that, RIP Colin
  15. The Season So Far

    The boredom of this season has forced me to follow IndyCars more Not that there's anything wrong with Indy but I've been supporting F1 for nearly 10 years and I haven't been this fed up lol
  16. Grid Protest!!

    That would probably be one of the most memorable moments in F1 history
  17. Mclaren's Penalty Prediction

    lol @ Christiano's signature, didn't know Max Mosley was German
  18. Behaviour Here

    Don't think there's any serious problem as long as it's censored, unless of course it's something really offensive
  19. Funny Youthtube Vids...

    I guess I'll have to admit I prefer a few curves over anorexia
  20. Rugby World Cup 2007

    lol What a trashing
  21. Where Is The Cow?

    I can imagine
  22. Rugby World Cup 2007

  23. F1 Group Agrees 'fuel Burn' Qualifying Tweak

    Nice, fuel burning just sounds pointless
  24. F1...the Pinnacle Of Motor Sports??

    It's been only this year that I've really started following IndyCar, you can always expect close finishes
  25. Rugby World Cup 2007

    I hope you mean Irish green