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  1. China Race Thread

    cameras catched kimi going over the white line at the exit of the pits during Q2 (i think, maybe it is Q3) after trying to overtake Webber who was going slowly. thats a penalty and i am not seeing anyone to get bothered by it. had it been hamilton that would automatically ment -within seconds- a 10 place grid penalty...
  2. Hamilton/trulli Controversy Re-opened?

    F1 is no longer a sport. Alonso was absolutely correct. Lets call the F1 championship: Lawyer's champ, winner is the one who has the best lawyer...not the best racer... For God's shake... f.i.!
  3. Oz Gp Race Thread.

    i couldnt agree more.that was DANGEROUS from Vettel. not only a fine, he needs a BAN for 2 races, are we serious ?
  4. Fia Introduces

    that would be nice , let them explore the limits
  5. Fia Introduces

    finally some good news. i am happy to see my thoughts of improving f1 realised! hopefully that ''freedom'' will have a sense...
  6. Pre-season Testing

    i just cant believe it...ok they removed all the quantity of fuel the last few days, but how this is possible? 1.19.127 ?!??! dont know what other strings of laps the others are doing, but even if Brawn are on qualifying simulation, its damn fast! btw, does anyone know if they are using KERS? I think Mercedes only gave the engine, correct ?
  7. Is Mclaren Screwed This Season?

    silver arrows
  8. Is Mclaren Screwed This Season?

    hey we are talking about McLaren...not Jordan, Arrows etc i dont think Vodafone will ''lack confidence'' from testing..especially after sponsorship a champion's car
  9. Is Mclaren Screwed This Season?

    i believe the worry points for mclaren now are: 1) aerodynamics-why they are still using that 08 wing is a puzzle hard to solve. i think heikki used 09 wing but they changed it again once hamilton took the wheel 2)slicks-maybe there is again that tyre downfall in perfomance after some laps,especially the rear ones 3)what were those reliability issues for two succesive days? 4)i havent see a full series of lap times to check consistency,but 1+ seconds off the pace? 5)generally they dont seem keen to cover lots of laps, i dont know what a sign that is KERS seems to be the best of the field but there are so many questionmarks...hopefully there will be some clues in barcelona test-where they HAVE to test the pace of the car...but i doubt we are going to see the full potential till melbourne..damn testing
  10. Pre-season Testing

    i really dont know wtf they are doing...
  11. Pre-season Testing

    i think nobody has
  12. Pre-season Testing

    another rainy testing day? got to be kidding