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  1. Hi, I just thought that you all might be interested in the new online Data Acquisition course that Oxford Brookes has just launched. It's delivered through the online environment, and doesn't have an official course start or end date, so you can roll-on and roll-off the programme any time you want. We developed the course with the close involvement of UK motorsport companies, including Pat Symonds at RenaultF1 and MoTeC. More details can be found at: http://www.msportknowledge.ac.uk/ and there's a feature about this and other online motorsport CPD programmes at the SAE-UK site, http://www.vehicletechnology.org/vt2007/29.html I can send sample chapters to anyone who's interested and drops me a line at: mmeechan at brookes.ac.uk Thanks for reading
  2. The Alonso Scholarship

    Glad the response was taken in the spirit intended... Three points, in response to your queries. It's not the case that *most* graduate entrants to motorsport (particularly F1) come from Oxbridge etc. - more the case that they provide a few (the very brightest minds etc. etc.), particularly in highly mathematical fields. Our masters programme currently spans three different MSc degrees - Racing Engine Design, Motorsport Engineering, and High Performance Engineering. 2006 was only the second year of its operation, and we have circa 16 students across the programme. This is comparable to the Cranfield programme, which has been running much longer. How hard is it to get into F1 - Williams get about 25,000 applications per year for something like 10 places. So, for Brookes to place 4 engineers immediately after graduation, in the same year, puts things into perspective, and says something for these guy's (and gals's) ability (and the value of our programme). Hope that this helps. Mike. PS Check out my project's website at www.msportknowledge.ac.uk
  3. The Alonso Scholarship

    An *informed* posted that any university would dignify with an equally (properly) informed riposte. Yeah it's interesting. Oxford Brookes isn't the greatest uni in the world and I wonder what level of jobs the graduates would go into. Oxford Brookes was the first university *in the world* to listen to the motorsport industry, build a market-driven degree course around their requirments, and start providing industry-ready graduates. We have the broadest and deepest range of dedicated motorsport engineering courses anywhere on the planer - eight programmes, spanning HND and foundation degrees, through BSc, BEng, MEng, and on to MSc and PhD (the majority of which are undertaken in collaboration with local F1 companies, q.v. RenaultF1 and HondaF1). 'What level of jobs do the graduates get' - typically, design engineer at RenaultF1, race engineer at Red Bull, composites engineer at Williams, design enginer at Honda. The calibre of graduates is so good at Oxford Brookes that around 16% of the final year cohort (9-11 people every year) go straight into F1 (three went staright to Williams last year. A placement student - between his second and final year - is currently David Coulthard's race engineer. Anothe 30 or so graduates go off to work in other motorsport formulae, or their supply chain - the Xtracs, Prodrives and Menards of the motorsport world. 'Most of the top designers in F1 would have been to much more famous unis I would have thought. Could be wrong though. Presumably they would have PhD's too. So I guess this scheme is more for technical work lead by another engineer.' Apart from places like Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, and perhaps Loughborough and Southampton (for people like aerodynamicists and CFD), for the last 10 years, this has not been the case. Companies instead look to an institution's participation in - and the overall grid position achieved - in the Formula Student competition. Oxford Brookes has been the best-competing UK university three years out of the last four, and we were third in the world in 2006. Our budget is 10000 euros: the outright winners had 1 million euros. We still won the most prestigious events - 'cost' and 'endurance' by a comfortable margin. We've also recruited staff form the highest echelons of the industry. Geoff Goddard, who teaches our Racing Engine Design Masters course, was for many years Chief Engine Designer at Cosworth, and then Head of Engine Design at TWR Arrows. He has designed 174 race-winning engines in his career, including Michael Schumacher's first, and Fernado Alonso's 2005 season-winning V10. This perhaps influenced Alonso's decision to invest in us... Whilst I'm perhaps less than objective, the proof of the pudding is in what industry thinks of us... The local motorsport industry has supported us heavily, providing over