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  1. Kimi Wins The Wdc!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well done to kimi. He was a bit lucky but he totally deserve that kind of luck, I mean imagine what kind of luck he had there in Mclaren. His car keeps failing him then. At last he got the WDC that he totally deserve, well done to him. He is the true heir of Michael Schumacher at Ferrari. Lewis blew this one, that is for sure. He made very costly mistakes, so yeah he will learn from that. Good to see mika hakkinen around, I almost wished he was in that Mclaren. He wouldn't have screwed up as lewis did.
  2. Thank You Jose........

    Agreed, I was surprised to see this here too lol.
  3. Who Would You Like To Replace Alonso?

    Well each to their own opinion. Funny when I was talking about team play, people think I am bashing Alonso. Well that is up to those people, it is not my problem if people get offended. Just because I have a hamilton siggy does not mean I am anti-Alonso. So as not to make people think I am bashing Alonso, I shall give other examples. Remember the US grand prix when only the Bridgestone runners were racing? After the final round of pitstops Ferrari told Rubens and Michael not to race each other anymore. They were battling tough before that. That is my point, Ferrari seems to be able to get their drivers to play for the team while allowing them to race each other. A right balance must be achieved between the drivers aim and the team's aim. I dont remember Ferrari's crashing to each other often during Michael Schumacher's era. Yet I still remember the sole Grand Prix I've attended, the Malaysian Grand Prix where if I'm not mistaken, Montoya and Raikkonen touch sending Raikkonen spinning out of the race I think. Breaks my heart.
  4. Thank You Jose........

    It is a shame that he is leaving. Never like his outspoken style, but I rate him as one of the best managers around. I reckon Chelsea will struggle a bit now that Mourinho is gone. I think there will be some unhappy players as well.
  5. Robert Kubica's Unlucky Season

    I think kimi had even worse luck during his Mclaren days. BMW their reliability will get better and hopefully they can fight for wins next season, both heidfield and kubica.
  6. Who Would You Like To Replace Alonso?

    But nearly taken your own teammate out like in Spa where he pushed Lewis out wide? Nothing wrong with doing that to rivals, but with your own teammate you could risk taking out both drivers. Of course now Mclaren has been disqualified he could do that, but I feel he will do that even if Mclaren is still in the WCC. Dont get me wrong Alonso is a great driver, but seems to think more of himself than the team IMO.
  7. Who Would You Like To Replace Alonso?

    Rosberg, Kubica or Sutil. either one of this three. I think the best is Rosberg. Alonso has brought a lot to Mclaren and obviously is much better than hamilton in the last few races, but as a Mclaren fan, I dont quite like the idea of having a driver who cares more about his personal WDC than the WCC. I recognised Alonso as one of the best if not the best in the current formula one line up. Yet I think it would be better for both parties if he joins another team. Better for him, better for the team.
  8. The day I think it is a 'no' is the day I would stop watching F1. So yes, I think it is a 'yes'. I hope it is a 'yes'.
  9. Has Alonso Been A Good Signing For Macca

    no way is Alonso the bad guy but he really got to watch what he is saying. So far I dont see any preference in Mclaren, but in the future who knows. Alonso is showing as if he feels that the team is not backing him, and that is not good. Not for himself, not for the team. I understand there are drivers who would put themselves before the team and there is nothing wrong with that. But again, there is no need to tell everyone that isn't it?
  10. Mclaren Fined $100million.........

    Firstly, there is no consistency in the decision. Punish the team but not the drivers? Well done FIA. Secondly, if anyone said that Mclaren copied Ferarri entirely, then I ask why then is Mclaren leading WCC? Why are they quicker than the Ferrari in Monza? If you agree with me that Mclaren had benefited very little from the information gained then why disqualify them? Wouldn't points deduction make more sense? It is not as if Mclaren would end up pointless if they didn't get any info about Ferrari. Lastly, if anyone is actually glad with the outcome they are a disgrace. It is like watching your enemy since high school battling cancer and enjoying every minute of it. I am sure true racing fans would agree with me that winning under this kind of circumstances is completely menaingless. I hope Lewis wont win the WDC.
  11. Alonso, Public Ememy Number 1

    There is two side to every story. It seems to me Alonso is public enemy no.1 but Hamilton also seems like public enemy no.1. So who is no.1 really? I think it is Mclaren.
  12. Bye Bye Mclaren!!!

    Bye Bye F1 more like it... Nobody is going to watch F1 if they know Ferrari is going to win. I dont have anything against Ferrari but I think even Ferrari fans would agree with me, there is no fun winning when there is no challenge. And I know for sure Michael Schumacher would never enjoy that, he loves the challenge. It is like Inter winning Serie A when Juventus got relegated for match fixing. It is fair, true, cause the team that cheats gets punished. Yet it is still a tasteless victory. Punish Mclaren with heavy fines, deduct points, but throwing them out of next season's championship? That is F1 shooting its own foot.
  13. The Monza 2007 Race Thread

    Alonso for sure, he drove a perfect race. If he can keep that up, he will be top in the WDC very soon. My money's on him to win the WDC. By the way, is it just me or Alonso didn't look like he was celebrating the way he usually does? I mean he looks a bit more solemn? lol maybe its just me.
  14. Has Alonso Been A Good Signing For Macca

    Alonso has given a lot to the team. And the team has given a lot to Alonso as well. Alonso in a Renault certainly cant challenge for the WDC this season. I think the benefit is mutual. As with Hamilton, him being there has pushed Alonso all the way and that can only be good for the team. The problem is people talk too much about the relationship between Alonso and Hamilton. They are not friends, they are teammates, and we dont expect them to be friends. Just as long as they both do the job for the team, as a Mclaren fan I will be happy.
  15. The One And Only Mclaren Contraversy Thread

    The thing is hamilton fans are blaming alonso while alonso fans are blaming hamilton. For me, the two of them are as cunning and good as each other. So let them slice each other's throat through the media and on the track, may the best and the most cunning wins.