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  1. That person in the avatar is none other than Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar Just read on indiatimes that their is some rift
  2. krish

    Monaco: The Race

    FIA to probe McLaren's Monaco GP win
  3. For a whole season five sets of wet-weather and four sets of extreme-weather tyres can be used. Dont know exactly if there any changes !
  4. True Sato was looking good when he was at Honda
  5. After leaving BMW i havent seen him dominating in any races so far even tough toyoto's have been good last yr but didnt see any good performances for him
  6. What about rubins ? what must he thinking about his future in honda
  7. would they switch back to their old engines for future races ?
  8. Bar Honda was one of the better teams of last year and was expected that the new
  9. did expect some better performance from the renault's new rookie
  10. that's the fact Big teams like toyota, bar honda need to learn form
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