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  1. Those Who Ignore History..................

    Bottom line FOTA with Ferrari, Mclaren, Williams, Renault + Monza, Monaco, Silverstone = The real F1 FIA with ADD NEW TEAM HERE + some tracks in the desert where camels once roamed = No chance in hell to succeed
  2. Most Beautiful F1 Car

    And the last time an F1 car looked truly beautiful - 1994 Ferrari 412T1
  3. Most Beautiful F1 Car

    Ligier JS11/15
  4. The Rot At Mclaren's Core

    The lies, the coverups, followed by the sanctions which are then followed by the sackings and suspensions .. it's all too familiar now. Hamilton and Ryan look like fools. Martin Whitmarsh is an idiot. This culture of win at all costs, was started by Ron Dennis and it just keeps going on like the Duracell Bunny. As for Lewis Hamilton himself, well, the British contingent better line up behind Jenson Button instead, for he is far nicer...
  5. Swiss Veteran Slams F1 Powerbrokers

    Let F1 go to the Sheiks. And hopefully someone will put together a new European based race series that just regulates overall maximum and minimum dimensions and engine cylinders and capacity. And then bring back the old tracks - the old Zandvoort, the old Osterrichering and the Nordshleife. I guess I can keep dreaming.
  6. For me whether its the points system or the medal system, its all meaningless. What counts for me is how a driver can surmount the odds and win in a car that is not up to the job, on a race by race basis. Alonso's drive in Japan last year was magnificent. Every win Hamilton or Massa had in 2008 pales in comparison to Alonso's victory in Fuji. In fact, Alonso in 2005 and 2006 was pretty much the best of F1 I've seen in a very long time. That defensive drive at Imola in 2005 against all odds, holding back Schumacher in a much faster Ferrari demonstrated shear brilliance at work. It reminded me of Gilles Villeneuve in Spain 1981. The tenacity, the grit, the determination of Alonso's driving matched with his sharpened sense of race tactics and overall strategy not to mention shear speed, can only imply one thing, he is the best !!!!!
  7. The Most Beautiful Cars!

    Does this qualify as a beautiful car ?
  8. Fia Announces Standard Engine Tender

    I miss the old days when Ferrari had their own Flat 12 engine, and everybody else had the same spec V8 Ford Cosworth.
  9. I wonder when Prince Albert will cancel the Monaco GP due to "financial difficulties." I think every country/promoter should cancel their GP's due to "financial difficulties" so that Bernie gets the message.
  10. Canada Loses Formula One Slot.

    From the horse's mouth : "America works in a different way," the F1 Chief Executive is quoted as saying by La Gazzetta dello Sport. "Certain world events, like Formula One in some countries or the Olympic Games, are financed by the state. "In America they are organised by private entities, who want to make a profit even before the race has been held. It's a bit too much."
  11. I Find This Somewhat Confusing

    Formula One is European ! Just thought I'd clear the air. Thankyou
  12. Why Has Nick Heidfeld Never Won A Gp?

    The real question to ask is why so many many many Grand Prix drivers have not won a Grand Prix. The answer is simple : they are rubbish and/or their car/team is rubbish OR they are good and their car/team is rubbish OR in Chris Amon's case - JUST TOO DAMN UNLUCKY.
  13. Lovely side profile, but I hate the bird beak nose. The ACO need to do something ahout the raised noses on prototype racers - they just look awful.
  14. The Actual Incident Between Lewis And Kimi

    Bottom line, Lewis Hamilton was completely unsporting in tucking right under Kimi's rear wing. Complete lack of maturity and common sense on his part. He deserved the penalty fair and square. He is still a kid and so he still needs a good spanking for bad behaviour. Like all spoilt brat kids, he wants his cake and to eat it too. This is Massa's year anyway. Hamilton can wait another year. He has a lot of growing up to do.
  15. Is Vettel The Real Deal?

    Forget Vettel, what we need is the next Stefan Bellof. And it ain't Lewis Hamilton.