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  1. Sepang Qualifying...

    Wow, look at Honda, Renault and Toyota now. Really slow cars. things are certainly a lot different this year. Mclaren certainly looks better this year on the bridgestones.
  2. Heidfeld To Toyota? Honda?

    Good thing about Heidfeld is that he has much experience. Did a lot of testing for a lot of years and can show guys like Kubica a thing or two and help them become what he could not. I wouldn't want to have two youngsters in both of my cars, thats usually for the smaller F1 teams. Look at Alonso & Hamilton pairing. 1 experienced and 1 rookie. perfect balance
  3. No Engine Change For Kimi

    No not exactly. But if Kimi's not fully happy with the current setup then his time spent with the average Mclaren cars of 2006 might be beneficial to him when he's putting down qualifying times. But as we all now know Kimi got P3. not too bad. Massa looks really good to win this one though
  4. Dc Urges More Cockpit Protection

    LOL The best way to stop accidents like that would be to yeild!! DC what were you thinking. But it does raise some interesting concerns about safety. I recall last year in the indy series a driver crashed into the top of Sebastian Bourdais' car in a very much similar fashion. In most cases the driver's head is reasonably protected. Most impact supposedly occurs from the rear and as such the head is protected by the top of the c#ckpit. Just have to be more careful maybe
  5. No Engine Change For Kimi

    Will be a good test for the f2007's reliability. Kimi has said openly that he is not 100% happy with the car, but being a kimifan from his Mclaren days i'd say that he is one of the best at driving a car that handles like a pig!!!!!
  6. Heidfeld To Toyota? Honda?

    Heidfeld would be crazy to leave the BMW team. They have improved so much in the last season and off season testing that I can see the Swiss team pushing for wins in the not so distant future. As for RS, I rated him as reasonable in his Williams days. But Ithought JP-Montoya was more exciting.