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  1. Ferrari Gets Into Tech

    Shane & Rumblestrip- thanks for the feedback about the site. I'm sending a note to our engineers. Even if we can't fix it, it's good for them to know that it's a problem. Hopefully they'll make that a priority down the road. One of the really cool things we offer is 2GB of free online storage through our Web site myfabrik.com. We have a lot of cool features we're developing, and our next line of drives will be pretty awesome. I didn't want to post the specs in the initial post since I wasn't sure if ppl were interested. If you want to see them, go here: http://myfabrik.com/presskit/public/media Anyone have other thoughts about the drive? I think they look much sleeker in real life than in the photo, which is my frustration.
  2. Ferrari Gets Into Tech

    Hey everyone, I do work for Fabrik, and I'm just trying to ask people what they think of the product, I'm not spamming. I want to know if you like it, or if you don't and why. It was designed by the Ferrari designer, which we're really proud of, and we want to connect with car enthusiasts to find out what they think of the design - that's why the company made the product. We're just trying to make a cool product that's different from all the other boxy designs you see out there.
  3. Hey guys, don't know if anyone else saw this, but there's a new hard drive out on the market, designed by the Ferrari design house. Would you consider buying one? What do you think of it? I really like the red one, but the black is nice too. http://myfabrik.com/presskit/public/media Thoughts?