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  1. The had a press conference on Speed TV in the US a little over an hour ago. Not too much new info. Ken Anderson as team principal and Peter Windsor will be sporting director. American drivers (a lit of possible names but nothing at all certain yet). They will put the engine supply out to tender to the other teams, but intend designing and building their own car in Charlotte NC. No word on sponsors either at this point, but they say they have funding in place and hope to be on the grid in 2010.
  2. Kimi as good as Chop Schuey? I thought Kimi was better a better man than that.
  3. It was an error that did not result in any advantage. No harm, no foul, let it go I say!
  4. I wouldn't be so quick to read too much into the Ferrari announcement. Yes they signed an agreement but none of us knows what the contract says. After all, Massa has been a Ferrari contracted driver since 2001 but didn't race for them until 2006. I think it's still well within the realms of possibility that Jean Todt is fired from Ferrari and in comes Ross Brawn and brings in Alonso in 2009. Just think about it: Alonso wants #1 status, tries to play politics and whines a lot - seems like a perfect fit!!
  5. Where was the FIA fairness Tsar during Chop Schuey's 7 world championships? His team mates were giving the shaft right from the first race of the season. Instead of this charade let's just admit this is a team sport, always has been.
  6. Little Ralfie's chances of getting the call from Ron are about the same as mine - a nice thought but I'm not holding my breath!
  7. What was deemed illegal? McLaren? I don't know where you read this but I haven't seen anything to that effect from the FIA. They ruled the behavior of the team was illegal but not the car. Pity the cheating red team can't make a similar statement, but I guess they don't have to when the FIA is in their pocket.
  8. There has been no evidence of McLaren racing an illegal car at any time. The only car that has been categorically shown to be illegal this year is the Ferrari in the first 2 races. No penalty.
  9. Interesting that McLaren possessed the documents but no evidence that any of the ideas were incorporated into their car. Other teams have previously contained illegal software but there was no penalty since it couldn't be proven the illegal software had been used. Anyone else confused by this? And speaking of illegal cars, will Ferrari likewise be banned from the constructors championsship for running illegal cars in the first 2 rounds of the championship this year?
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