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  1. Mclaren

    If I were Ron Dennis and in order to show who is really the boss, I would have barred LH from driving this race and put De la Rosa instead. This would have taught, not only to Hammilton but also to Alonso, a lesson about what happens when you don't obbey your team's instructions. What do you think will happen in the next qualifying? Who will get the benefit of the extra lap? Do you really think Alonso will let Hammilton take it? Shame on Hamilton for what he did on this race and shame on FIA for their unfair decision
  2. Alonso

    Of couse I didnt mean, Alonso is not a good driver. He is one of best ever, but whay i say, is that maybe he has lost his momentum too soon. Hamilton has shown as top quality, and his first season at F1, he is dominating Alonso and both Ferraris without any mistake. All romurs about FA to Ferrari, may have something real behind. If Alonso accepts Hami as better than him, or at least "as good as", (he
  3. Alonso

    Has Hamilton today destroyed FA supremacy at F1, during previous two seasons? Being Pole, and making a first stint clearly faster as he increased the distance between both mclaren drivers... After first stop, when clearly FA has taken less fuel (1 sec), the only option to take over Hamilton, has not been succesful.... Again Hamilton has put some distance which has beed enought to keep Alonso away for the rest of the race With same car, more fuel, less fuel, no SC in the middle, today Hamilton has shown clearly better driveness than his team mate...who would thought this, at season start, when a rookie was joining the world champ, maybe just to keep his back. The motivation Hamilton shows, is a winner
  4. Hamilton To Ferrari

    alonsenna, my question is: I understand Team to run under two different strategies, due to unpredictable changes, which may occur during the race (rain appearing, accidents, SC on track,...)and could lead Mc Laren to win under one of them, while the other strategy shows not apropiate for an unspected circustance. But my point is, what would have happened if LH had the same lighter car at Monaco, as we see doing same lap times that FA during the Race? He had a longer first pit stop, it seems he entered second stop to soon (could have waited two or three extra laps)...and after all he finished just after FA. Will be see a race this season in which both McLaren have a chance at a wide track to fight each other with same car spec, and then show who is best?
  5. Monaco: The Race

    Todays McLaren results, have shown a great improvement....if they keep up this way Ferrari has to work hard in order to fight for the championship
  6. Driver Of The Day

    Today Hamilton has shown his weapons. Being Monaco a high performance drivers track, he has been able to keep up with Alonso and finish just 3 seconds behind him. Think he is a rookie for F1. Anyhow, I still predict Massa as winner this year, as the Ferraris are still to come up, and next tracks are mores uitable for them.